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A Pipeline Toolkit for Reproducible Computation at Scale

A general-purpose computational engine for data analysis, drake rebuilds intermediate data objects when their dependencies change, and it skips work when the results are already up to date. Not every execution starts from scratch, there is native support for parallel and distributed computing, and completed projects have tangible evidence that they are reproducible. Extensive documentation, from beginner-friendly tutorials to practical examples and more, is available at the reference website <https://ropensci.github.io/drake/> and the online manual <https://ropenscilabs.github.io/drake-manual/>.

Functions in drake

Name Description
build_graph Deprecated function build_graph
Makefile_recipe For make(..., parallelism = "Makefile"), see what your Makefile recipes will look like in advance.
analyses Deprecated function analyses
check_plan Check a workflow plan data frame for obvious errors.
build_times List the time it took to build each target/import.
built List all the built targets (non-imports) in the cache.
clean Remove targets/imports from the cache.
as_file Deprecated function as_file
backend Deprecated function backend
available_hash_algos List the available hash algorithms for drake caches.
cleaned_namespaces For drake caches, list the storr namespaces that are cleaned during a call to clean().
bind_plans Row-bind together drake plans
config Deprecated function config
clean_main_example Deprecated: clean the main example from drake_example("main")
analysis_wildcard Show the analysis wildcard used in plan_summaries().
cmq_build Build a target using the clustermq backend
clean_mtcars_example Clean the mtcars example from drake_example("mtcars")
debug_and_run Run a function in debug mode.
configure_cache Configure the hash algorithms, etc. of a drake cache.
default_Makefile_args Return the default value of the args argument to make().
as_drake_filename Deprecated function as_drake_filename
default_graph_title Return the default title for graph visualizations
default_Makefile_command Give the default command argument to make().
default_cache_path Return the default file path of the drake/storr cache.
default_hasty_build Build a target using "hasty" parallelism
cached Enumerate cached targets or check if a target is cached.
default_verbose Default verbosity for drake
drake-package drake: A pipeline toolkit for reproducible computation at scale.
dependency_profile Find out why a target is out of date.
cache_namespaces List all the storr cache namespaces used by drake.
check Deprecated function check
dataframes_graph Deprecated function dataframes_graph
dataset_wildcard Show the dataset wildcard used in plan_analyses() and plan_summaries().
cache_path Return the file path where the cache is stored, if applicable.
drake_build Build/process a single target or import.
drake_batchtools_tmpl_file Deprecated. Get a template file for execution on a cluster.
drake_cache_log Get a table that represents the state of the cache.
default_hook Deprecated.
cmq_staged_build Build a target using the clustermq_staged backend
code_to_plan Turn an R script file or knitr / R Markdown report into a drake workflow plan data frame.
default_long_hash_algo Return the default long hash algorithm for make().
drake_hpc_template_files List the available example template files for deploying work to a cluster / job scheduler.
default_short_hash_algo Return the default short hash algorithm for make().
deps_target List the dependencies of one or more targets
drake_future_task Task passed to individual futures in the "future" backend
drake_gc Do garbage collection on the drake cache.
default_system2_args Deprecated function default_system2_args
default_recipe_command Show the default recipe command for make(..., parallelism = "Makefile").
default_parallelism Show the default parallelism argument to make() for your system.
deps Deprecated. List the dependencies of a function, workflow plan command, or knitr report source file.
drake_get_session_info Return the sessionInfo() of the last call to make().
drake_meta Compute the initial pre-build metadata of a target or import.
drake_ggraph Show a ggraph/ggplot2 representation of your drake project.
evaluate Deprecated function evaluate
diagnose Get diagnostic metadata on a target.
deps_targets Deprecated.
do_prework Do the prework in the prework argument to make().
drake_debug Run a single target's command in debug mode.
drake_envir Get the environment where drake builds targets
deps_code List the dependencies of a function, workflow plan command, or knitr report source file.
evaluate_plan Use wildcard templating to create a workflow plan data frame from a template data frame.
eager_load_target Load a target right away (internal function)
empty_hook Deprecated.
expose_imports Expose all the imports in a package so make() can detect all the package's nested functions.
expand Deprecated function expand
drake_example Download and save the code and data files of an example drake-powered project.
failed List the targets that failed in the last call to make().
expand_plan Create replicates of targets.
drake_cache_log_file Generate a flat text log file to represent the state of the cache.
drake_examples List the names of all the drake examples.
drake_config Create the internal runtime parameter list used internally in make().
gather Deprecated function gather
gather_by Gather multiple groupings of targets
drake_plan_source Show the code required to produce a given workflow plan data frame
drake_quotes Put quotes around each element of a character vector.
load_mtcars_example Load the mtcars example.
gather_plan Write commands to combine several targets into one or more overarching targets.
long_hash Get the long hash algorithm of a drake cache.
drake_palette Show drake's color palette.
example_drake Deprecated function example_drake
parallelism_choices List the types of supported parallel computing in drake.
mc_master Internal function to launch a master process.
mc_process Internal function to launch a master process or persistent worker.
examples_drake Deprecated function examples_drake
predict_load_balancing Predict the load balancing of the next call to make() for non-staged parallel backends.
plan Deprecated function plan
predict_runtime Predict the elapsed runtime of the next call to make() for non-staged parallel backends.
get_cache Get the drake cache, optionally searching up the file system.
reduce_plan Write commands to reduce several targets down to one.
drake_graph_info Create the underlying node and edge data frames behind vis_drake_graph().
drake_hpc_template_file Write a template file for deploying work to a cluster / job scheduler.
make_imports Just make the imports.
make Run your project (build the outdated targets).
remote_hasty_build Build a target on a remote worker using "hasty" parallelism
drake_plan Create a workflow plan data frame for the plan argument of make().
sankey_drake_graph Show a Sankey graph of your drake project.
map_plan Create a plan that maps a function to a grid of arguments.
drake_session Deprecated. Return the sessionInfo() of the last call to make().
session Deprecated function session
summaries Deprecated function summaries
max_useful_jobs Deprecated function
output_sink_hook Deprecated.
parallel_stages Defunct function
prepare_distributed Do the preparatory work for make() with a distributed computing backend (see the parallelism argument of make()).
drake_strings Turn valid expressions into character strings.
file_in Declare the file inputs of a workflow plan command.
progress Get the build progress of your targets during a make().
read_drake_seed Read the pseudo-random number generator seed of the project.
read_graph Deprecated function read_graph
drake_tip Output a random tip about drake.
file_out Declare the file outputs of a workflow plan command.
render_graph Deprecated function render_graph
drake_unquote Remove leading and trailing escaped quotes from character strings.
in_progress List the targets that either (1) are currently being built during a make(), or (2) were being built if the last make() quit unexpectedly.
find_project Search up the file system for the nearest root path of a drake project.
knitr_deps Find the drake dependencies of a dynamic knitr report target.
file_store Tell drake that you want information on a file (target or import), not an ordinary object.
render_sankey_drake_graph Render a Sankey diagram fromdrake_graph_info().
target Define custom columns in a drake_plan().
make_session Internal function to be called by make_with_config()
tracked List the targets and imports that are reproducibly tracked.
fl_master Run the master process of the "future_lapply" backend.
make_targets Just build the targets.
find_cache Search up the file system for the nearest drake cache.
message_sink_hook Deprecated.
knitr_in Declare the knitr/rmarkdown source files of a workflow plan command.
trigger Customize the decision rules for rebuilding targets
migrate_drake_project Deprecated: reconfigure an old project (built with drake <= 4.4.0) to be compatible with later versions of drake.
static_drake_graph Deprecated: show a ggraph/ggplot2 representation of your drake project.
legend_nodes Create the nodes data frame used in the legend of the graph visualizations.
store_drake_config Store an internal configuration list from drake_config().
plan_summaries Generate a workflow plan data frame for summarizing multiple analyses of multiple datasets multiple ways.
plan_to_code Turn a drake workflow plan data frame into a plain R script file.
make_with_config Run make(), on an existing internal configuration list.
prune_drake_graph Prune the dependency network of your project.
ignore Ignore components of commands and imported functions.
imported List all the imports in the drake cache.
manage_memory Manage in-memory targets
load_basic_example Deprecated function load_basic_example
r_recipe_wildcard Show the R recipe wildcard for make(..., parallelism = "Makefile").
new_cache Make a new drake cache.
outdated List the targets that are out of date.
load_main_example Deprecated: load the main example.
missed Report any import objects required by your drake_plan plan but missing from your workspace.
read_drake_meta Deprecated: read the metadata of a target or import.
read_drake_plan Read the workflow plan from your last attempted call to make().
shell_file Write an example shell.sh file required by make(..., parallelism = 'Makefile', prepend = 'SHELL=./shell.sh').
plan_to_notebook Turn a drake workflow plan data frame into an R notebook,
short_hash Get the short hash algorithm of a drake cache.
mk Build a target inside a Makefile during make(..., parallelism = "Makefile").
plan_analyses Generate a workflow plan data frame to analyze multiple datasets using multiple methods of analysis.
plot_graph Deprecated function plot_graph
read_drake_config Read the cached drake_config() list from the last make().
read_drake_graph Read the igraph dependency network from your last attempted call to make().
target_namespaces For drake caches, list the storr cache namespaces that store target-level information.
read_plan Deprecated function read_plan
workflow Deprecated function workflow
test_with_dir Run a unit test in a way that quarantines the side effects from your workspace and file system.
readd Read and return a drake target/import from the cache.
render_static_drake_graph Deprecated: render a ggraph/ggplot2 representation of your drake project.
plan_drake Deprecated function plan_drake
rate_limiting_times Defunct
workplan Deprecated function workplan
rescue_cache Try to repair a drake cache that is prone to throwing storr-related errors.
read_config Deprecated function read_config
show_source Show how a target/import was produced.
recover_cache Load an existing drake files system cache if it exists or create a new one otherwise.
reduce_by Reduce multiple groupings of targets
silencer_hook Deprecated.
render_drake_ggraph Render a static ggplot2/ggraph visualization from drake_graph_info() output.
render_drake_graph Render a visualization using the data frames generated by drake_graph_info().
this_cache Get the cache at the exact file path specified.
time_stamps Write dummy timestamp files for make(..., parallelism = "Makefile").
triggers Deprecated. List the old drake triggers.
vis_drake_graph Show an interactive visual network representation of your drake project.
build_drake_graph Deprecated function build_drake_graph
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