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R Interface with Google Compute Engine

Interact with the 'Google Compute Engine' API in R. Lets you create, start and stop instances in the 'Google Cloud'. Support for preconfigured instances, with templates for common R needs.

Functions in googleComputeEngineR

Name Description
cli_tools See if ssh or scp is installed From
gce_attach_disk Attaches a Disk resource to an instance.
error.message Get the error message
gce_auth Defunct - Authenticate this session
gce_check_gpu Check GPU installed ok
gce_get_instance Returns the specified Instance resource.
gce_get_image_family Returns the latest image that is part of an image family and is not deprecated.
docker_cmd Run a docker command on a host.
gce_get_disk Returns a specified persistent disk.
gce_list_disks_all Retrieves an aggregated list of persistent disks across all zones.
gce_get_external_ip Get the external IP of an instance
gce_list_disks Retrieves a list of persistent disks contained within the specified zone.
gce_global_zone Set global zone name
container_rm Delete a container.
gce_list_firewall_rules List firewall rules
container_running Report whether a container is currently running.
gce_make_machinetype_url Construct a machineType URL
gce_shiny_listapps List shiny apps on the instance
gce_rstudio_password Changes password for a user on RStudio container
gce_make_network Make a network interface for instance creation
gce_shiny_logs Get the latest shiny logs for a shinyapp
container_update_info Update the information about a container.
gce_schedule_docker Schedule running a docker image upon a VM
gce_wait Wait for an operation to finish
containers Get list of all containers on a host.
gce_delete_disk Deletes the specified persistent disk.
gce_delete_firewall_rule Delete a firewall rule
gce_vm_container Launch a container-VM image
gce_get_metadata_project Get project wide metadata
get_dockerfolder Get Dockerfolder of templates
AttachedDisk AttachedDisk Object
read_shell_startup_file create the shell file to upload
Disk Disk Object
gce_get_network Returns the specified network.
gce_vm_create Creates an instance resource in the specified project using the data included in the request.
rmNullObs Recursively step down into list, removing all such objects
gce_list_machinetype_all Retrieves an aggregated list of machine types from all zones.
as.cluster.gce_instance Create a future cluster for GCE objects
cat0 if argument is NULL, no line output
docker_cmd.gce_instance Docker S3 method for use with harbor package
docker_inspect Inspect one or more containers, given name(s) or ID(s).
googleComputeEngineR Working with Google Compute Engine from R
Instance Instance Object
gce_delete_op Deletes the specified Operations resource.
gce_list_networks Retrieves the list of networks available to the specified project.
gce_get_global_zone Get global zone name
gce_delete_op.gce_global_operation Deletes the specified global Operations resource.
gce_get_image Returns the specified image.
Metadata Metadata Object
gce_get_op.gce_global_operation Retrieves the specified global Operations resource.
gce_get_op Retrieves the specified Operations resource.
gce_check_ssh Calls API for the current SSH settings for an instance
gce_container_logs Check the docker logs of a container
gce_metadata_env Turn metadata into an environment argument
gce_push_registry Push to Google Container Registry
gce_pull_registry Load a previously saved private Google Container
idempotency Idempotency
gce_list_instances Retrieves the list of instances contained within the specified zone.
gce_get_machinetype Returns the specified machine type.
gce_list_machinetype Retrieves a list of machine types available to the specified project.
docker_pull Pull a docker image onto a host.
gce_rstudio_adduser Creates a user on an RStudio templated instance
gce_get_metadata Extract metadata from an instance object
gce_global_project Set global project name
gce_get_zone Returns the specified Zone resource. Get a list of available zones by making a list() request.
gce_make_disk Creates a persistent disk in the specified project using the data in the request.
gce_list_registry List the docker images you have on Google Container Registry
gce_make_firewall_rule Add one firewall rule to the network
gce_list_zone_op Retrieves a list of Operation resources contained within the specified zone.
docker_run Run a command in a new container on a host.
gce_make_firewall_webports Make HTTP and HTTPS firewall rules
gce_make_image_source_url Make initial disk image object
gce_set_mincpuplatform Set a minCPU platform on a stopped instance
gce_set_machinetype Changes the machine type for a stopped instance to the machine type specified in the request.
gce_shiny_addapp Add Shiny app to a Shiny template instance
gce_set_metadata Sets metadata for the specified instance or projectwise to the data included in the request.
gce_ssh_browser Open a cloud SSH browser for an instance
gce_delete_op.gce_zone_operation Deletes the specified zone-specific Operations resource.
gce_extract_projectzone Extract zone and project from an instance object
gce_get_firewall_rule Get a firewall rule
gce_get_global_project Get global project name
gce_vm_cluster Make a VM cluster suitable for running parallel workloads
gce_vm_stop Stops a running instance, shutting it down cleanly, and allows you to restart the instance at a later time.
gce_vm Create or fetch a virtual machine
gce_ssh_setup Setup a SSH connection with GCE from a new SSH key-pair
gce_vm_template Create a template container VM
gce_vm_delete Deletes the specified Instance resource.
gce_ssh Remotely execute ssh code, upload & download files.
localhost An object representing the current computer that R is running on.
gce_ssh_addkeys Add SSH details to a gce_instance
makeDockerClusterPSOCK Make the Docker cluster on Google Compute Engine
gce_vm_gpu Launch a GPU enabled instance
gce_vm_logs Open browser to the serial console output for a VM
gce_vm_reset Performs a hard reset on the instance.
gce_get_op.gce_zone_operation Retrieves the specified zone-specific Operations resource.
gce_get_project Returns the specified Project resource.
myMessage Custom message log level
read_cloud_init_file create the cloud_init file to upload
gce_list_gpus Retrieves a list GPUs you can attach to an instance
is.NullOb A helper function that tests whether an object is either NULL _or_ a list of NULLs
is.error Is this a try error?
timestamp_to_r Timestamp to R date
gce_list_images Retrieves the list of private images available to the specified project.
gce_list_zones Retrieves the list of Zone resources available to the specified project.
gce_make_boot_disk Make a boot disk for attachment to an instance
gce_startup_logs Get startup script logs
gce_tag_container Return a container tag for Google Container Registry
gce_vm_start Starts an instance that was stopped using the using the stop method.
gce_vm_scheduler Create or start a scheduler VM
container_logs Retrieve logs for a container.
docker_build Build image on an instance from a local Dockerfile
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