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Machine Learning in R - Next Generation

Machine Learning in R. Next Generation.



A clean, object-oriented rewrite of mlr.

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Why a rewrite?

mlr was first released to CRAN in 2013. Its core design and architecture date back even further. The addition of many features has led to a feature creep which makes mlr hard to maintain and hard to extend. We also think that while mlr was nicely extensible in some parts (learners, measures, etc.), other parts were less easy to extend from the outside. Also, many helpful R libraries did not exist at the time mlr was created, and their inclusion would result in non-trivial API changes.

Design principles

  • Only the basic building blocks for machine learning are implemented in this package.
  • Focus on computation here. No visualization or other stuff. That can go in extra packages.
  • Overcome the limitations of R's S3 classes with the help of R6.
  • Embrace R6, clean OO-design, object state-changes and reference semantics. This might be less "traditional R", but seems to fit mlr nicely.
  • Embrace data.table for fast and convenient data frame computations.
  • Combine data.table and R6, for this we will make heavy use of list columns in data.tables.
  • Be light on dependencies. mlr3 requires the following packages:

    • backports: Ensures backward compatibility with older R releases. Developed by members of the mlr team. No recursive dependencies.
    • checkmate: Fast argument checks. Developed by members of the mlr team. No extra recursive dependencies.
    • mlr3misc Miscellaneous functions used in multiple mlr3 extension packages. Developed by the mlr team. No extra recursive dependencies.
    • paradox: Descriptions for parameters and parameter sets. Developed by the mlr team. No extra recursive dependencies.
    • R6: Reference class objects. No recursive dependencies.
    • data.table: Extension of R's data.frame. No recursive dependencies.
    • digest: Hash digests. No recursive dependencies.
    • lgr: Logging facility. No extra recursive dependencies.
    • Metrics: Package which implements performance measures. No recursive dependencies.
    • mlbench: A collection of machine learning data sets. No dependencies.
  • Additional functionality that comes with extra dependencies:


Functions in mlr3

Name Description
Generator Generator Class
Learner Learner Class
Log Learner Output Log
Measure Measure Class
as_data_backend Create a Data Backend
benchmark Benchmark Multiple Learners on Multiple Tasks
mlr_generators_smiley Smiley Classification Task Generator
mlr_generators_xor XOR Classification Task Generator
mlr_resamplings_repeated_cv Repeated Cross Validation Resampling
mlr_resamplings_subsampling Subsampling Resampling
Resampling Resampling Class
DataBackendDataTable DataBackend for data.table
Task Task Class
TaskClassif Classification Task
DataBackendMatrix DataBackend for Matrix
LearnerClassif Classification Learner
PredictionRegr Prediction Object for Regression
TaskRegr Regression Task
LearnerRegr Regression Learner
mlr_generators Dictionary of Task Generators
mlr_generators_2dnormals 2d Normals Classification Task Generator
TaskSupervised Supervised Task
ResampleResult Container for Results of resample() Re-export of See
mlr_learners_classif.featureless Featureless Classification Learner
mlr_measures_regr.mse Mean Squared Error Regression Measure
BenchmarkResult Container for Results of benchmark()
mlr_measures_elapsed_time Elapsed Time Measure
mlr_assertions Assertion for mlr3 Objects
MeasureClassif Classification Measure
mlr_learners_classif.rpart Classification Tree Learner
DataBackend DataBackend
MeasureRegr Regression Measure
mlr_control Execution Control Object
mlr_learners Dictionary of Learners
mlr_measures Dictionary of Performance Measures
mlr_learners_classif.debug Classification Learner for Debugging
mlr_resamplings_bootstrap Bootstrap Resampling
mlr_resamplings Dictionary of Resampling Strategies
mlr_reflections Reflections for mlr3
mlr_resamplings_custom Custom Resampling
mlr_tasks_pima Pima Indian Diabetes Classification Task
mlr_measures_classif.acc Accuracy Classification Measure
mlr_tasks_sonar Sonar Classification Task
mlr_tasks_iris Iris Classification Task
mlr_tasks_mtcars "Motor Trend" Car Road Tests Task
mlr_tasks_spam Spam Classification Task
Dictionary Key-Value Storage
mlr_tasks Dictionary of Tasks
Experiment Experiment
Prediction Abstract Prediction Object
mlr_tasks_bh Boston Housing Regression Task
PredictionClassif Prediction Object for Classification
expand_grid Generate a Benchmark Design
mlr_tasks_zoo Zoo Classification Task
resample Resample a Learner on a Task
mlr3-package mlr3: Machine Learning in R - Next Generation
mlr_learners_regr.featureless Featureless Regression Learner
mlr_learners_regr.rpart Regression Tree Learner
mlr_measures_classif.auc Area Under the Curve Classification Measure
mlr_measures_classif.mmce Mean Misclassification Error Measure
mlr_resamplings_cv Cross Validation Resampling
mlr_resamplings_holdout Holdout Resampling
mlr_measures_selected_features Selected Features Measure
mlr_measures_classif.costs Cost-sensitive Classification Measure
mlr_measures_regr.mae Absolute Errors Regression Measure
mlr_measures_classif.confusion Binary Classification Measures Derived from a Confusion Matrix
mlr_measures_classif.f1 F1 Classification Measure
mlr_tasks_wine Wine Classification Task
mlr_measures_oob_error Out-of-bag Error Measure
mlr_measures_classif.ce Classification Error Measure
cast_from_dict Cast objects using a Dictionary
MeasureOOBError Out-of-bag Error Measure
LearnerClassifDebug Classification Learner for Debugging
MeasureClassifCosts Cost-sensitive Classification Measure
LearnerClassifFeatureless Featureless Classification Learner
MeasureClassifAUC Area Under the Curve Classification Measure
MeasureSelectedFeatures Selected Features Measure
LearnerRegrFeatureless Featureless Regression Learner
GeneratorSmiley Smiley Classification Task Generator
GeneratorXor XOR Classification Task Generator
ResamplingBootstrap Bootstrap Resampling
MeasureClassifF1 F1 Classification Measure
ResamplingCV Cross Validation Resampling
MeasureClassifACC Accuracy Classification Measure
ResamplingCustom Custom Resampling
MeasureClassifCE Classification Error Measure
MeasureClassifConfusion Binary Classification Measures Derived from a Confusion Matrix
Generator2DNormals 2d Normals Classification Task Generator
LearnerClassifRpart Classification Tree Learner
LearnerRegrRpart Regression Tree Learner
ResamplingRepeatedCV Repeated Cross Validation Resampling
MeasureElapsedTime Elapsed Time Measure
MeasureRegrMAE Absolute Errors Regression Measure
MeasureRegrMSE Mean Squared Error Regression Measure
ResamplingSubsampling Subsampling Resampling
ResamplingHoldout Holdout Resampling
mlr_tasks_boston_housing Boston Housing Regression Task
mlr_tasks_german_credit German Credit Classification Task
GeneratorFriedman1 Friedman1 Regression Task Generator
convert_prediction Prediction Object Helpers convert_prediction() is called on the slave to check and convert the return value of the predict() function of a Learner. as_prediction() is used to construct a Prediction object from the data returned by convert_prediction().
as_prediction_data Prediction Object Helpers as_prediction_data() is called on the slave to check and convert the return value of the predict() function of a Learner. new_prediction() is used to construct a Prediction object from the data returned by as_prediction_data().
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