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Multinomial Processing Tree Models

Fitting and testing multinomial processing tree (MPT) models, a class of nonlinear models for categorical data. The parameters are the link probabilities of a tree-like graph and represent the latent cognitive processing steps executed to arrive at observable response categories (Batchelder & Riefer, 1999 <doi:10.3758/bf03210812>; Erdfelder et al., 2009 <doi:10.1027/0044-3409.217.3.108>; Riefer & Batchelder, 1988 <doi:10.1037/0033-295x.95.3.318>).

Functions in mpt

Name Description
retroact Recall Frequencies in Retroactive Inhibition
mpt Multinomial Processing Tree (MPT) Models
citysize City-Size Paired-Comparison Task and Response Strategy
mptEM EM Algorithm for Multinomial Processing Tree Models
prospecMemory Prospective Memory and Task Importance
plot.mpt Diagnostic Plot for MPT Models
mptspec Specify a Multinomial Processing Tree (MPT) Model
proact Recall Frequencies for DaPolito's Experiment on Proactive Inhibition
logLik.mpt Log-Likelihood of an mpt Object
valence World Valence and Source Memory for Vertical Position
recogROC Recognition Receiver Operating Characteristics
vcov.mpt Covariance and Information Matrix for MPT Models
selectiontask Wason Selection Task (WST) and Helpful Hints
simulate.mpt Simulate Responses from MPT Models
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