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Practical Numerical Math Functions

Provides a large number of functions from numerical analysis and linear algebra, numerical optimization, differential equations, time series, plus some well-known special mathematical functions. Uses 'MATLAB' function names where appropriate to simplify porting.

Functions in pracma

Name Description
abm3pc Adams-Bashford-Moulton
akimaInterp Univariate Akima Interpolation
aitken Aitken' Method
barylag2d 2-D Barycentric Lagrange Interpolation
and, or Logical AND, OR (Matlab Style)
andrewsplot Andrews' Curves
barylag Barycentric Lagrange Interpolation
arclength Arc Length of a Curve
angle Basic Complex Functions
accumarray Accumulate Vector Elements
disp,beep Utility functions (Matlab style)
bisect Rootfinding Through Bisection
brown72 Brownian Motion
chebCoeff Chebyshev Polynomials
blkdiag Block Diagonal Matrix
brentDekker Brent-Dekker Root Finding Algorithm
chebPoly Chebyshev Polynomials
broyden Broyden's Method
crossn n-dimensional Vector Cross Product
cross Vector Cross Product
deval Evaluate ODE Solution
Diag Matrix Diagonal
clenshaw_curtis Clenshaw-Curtis Quadrature Formula
combs Generate Combinations
detrend Remove Linear Trends
deg2rad Degrees to Radians
approx_entropy Approximate and Sample Entropy
eigjacobi Jacobi Eigenvalue Method
eps Floating Point Relative Accuracy
ezpolar Easy Polar Plot
fibsearch Fibonacci Search
erf Error Functions and Inverses (Matlab Style)
fractalcurve Fractal Curves
fprintf Formatted Printing (Matlab style)
figure Control Plot Devices (Matlab Style)
gcd, lcm GCD and LCM Integer Functions
gaussNewton Gauss-Newton Function Minimization
hausdorff_dist Hausdorff Distance
householder Householder Reflections
haversine Haversine Formula
humps Matlab Test Functions
interp2 Two-dimensional Data Interpolation
cd, pwd, what Directory Functions (Matlab style)
blanks String of Blank Carakters
bits Binary Representation
cond Matrix Condition
ceil Integer Functions (Matlab Style)
conv Polynomial Convolution
fact Factorial Function
findmins Find All Minima
findpeaks Find Peaks
gmres Generalized Minimal Residual Method
hooke_jeeves Hooke-Jeeves Minimization Method
golden_ratio Golden Ratio Search
inv Matrix Inverse (Matlab Style)
horner Horner's Rule
itersolve Iterative Methods
isprime isprime Property
linspace Linearly Spaced Sequences
logspace Log-linearly Spaced Sequences
meshgrid Generate a Mesh Grid
circlefit Fitting a Circle
cotes Newton-Cotes Formulas
clear, who(s), ver Clear function (Matlab style)
direct1d Univariate Global Optimization
distmat Distance Matrix
cranknic Crank-Nicolson Method
cubicspline Interpolating Cubic Spline
curvefit Parametric Curve Fit
deconv Deconvolution
deeve Event Detection in ODE solution
bulirsch-stoer Bulirsch-Stoer Algorithm
euler_heun Euler-Heun ODE Solver
eye Some Basic Matrices
factors Prime Factors
normest Estimated Matrix Norm
newtonInterp Lagrange and Newtons Interpolation
newtonHorner Newton's Root Finding Method for Polynomials.
nthroot Real nth Root
pade Pade Approximation
pascal Pascal Triangle
polyApprox Polynomial Approximation
polyarea Area of a Polygon
pracma-package Practical Numerical Math Routines
fderiv Numerical Differentiation
primes Prime Numbers
findzeros Find All Roots
quad2d 2-d Gaussian Quadrature
geo_median Geometric Median
flipdim Matrix Flipping (Matlab Style)
givens Givens Rotation
hampel Hampel Filter
kron Kronecker product (Matlab Style)
hankel Hankel Matrix
L1linreg L1 Linear Regression
bsxfun Elementwise Function Application (Matlab Style)
charpoly Characteristic Polynomial
cart2sph Coordinate Transformations
chebApprox Chebyshev Approximation
compan Companion Matrix
complexstep Complex Step Derivatives
cutpoints Find Cutting Points
dblquad Double and Triple Integration
fnorm Function Norm
fornberg Fornberg's Finite Difference Approximation
hadamard Hadamard Matrix
legendre Legendre Functions (Matlab Style)
fzero Root Finding
fsolve Solve System of Nonlinear Equations
line_integral Line integral (in the complex plane)
mldivide Matlab backslash operator
mod, rem Integer Division
nextpow2 Next Power of 2
nile Nile overflow data
dot Scalar Product
eig Eigenvalue Function (Matlab Style)
findintervals Find Interval Indices
finds find function (Matlab Style)
fminbnd Finding Function Minimum
fminsearch Minimum Finding
gammaz Complex Gamma Function
fzsolve Complex Root Finding
histc Histogram Count (Matlab style)
histss Histogram Bin-width Optimization
isempty isempty Property
invlap Inverse Laplacian
lu LU Matrix Factorization
nchoosek Binomial Coefficients
magic Magic Square
ndims Number of Dimensions
nnz Nonzero Elements
Norm Vector Norm
integral2 Numerically Evaluate Double and Triple Integrals
interp1 One-dimensional Interpolation
laguerre Laguerre's Method
lambertWp Lambert's W Function
lsqlin Linear Least-Squares Fitting
lsqlincon Linear Least-Squares Fitting with linear constraints
halley Halley's Root Finding Mathod
Mode Mode function (Matlab style)
coth,csch,sech, etc. More Hyperbolic Functions
hurstexp Hurst Exponent
inpolygon Polygon Region
integral Adaptive Numerical Integration
laplacian Laplacian Operator
moler Moler Matrix
lebesgue Lebesgue Constant
newtonsys Newton Method for Nonlinear Systems
newtonRaphson Rootfinding through Newton-Raphson or Secant.
numel Number of Elements
ode23 Non-stiff (and stiff) ODE solvers
plotyy Plotting Two y-Axes
pinv Pseudoinverse or Generalized Inverse
polyadd Adding Polynomials
poly2str Print Polynomial
quadv Vectorized Integration
repmat Replicate Matrix
quiver Quiver or Velocity Plot
pchip Hermitean Interpolation Polynomials
Reshape Reshape Matrix
peaks Peaks Function (Matlab Style)
polytrans Polynomial Transformation
polypow Polynomial Powers
ppval Piecewise Polynomial Structures
quadinf Infinite Integrals
ppfit Piecewise Polynomial Fit
quadl Adaptive Lobatto Quadrature
regexprep Replace string using regular expression
regexp Match regular expression
roots Polynomial Roots
rosser Rosser Matrix
orth Range Space
odregress Orthogonal Distance Regression
perms Generate Permutations
piecewise Piecewise Linear Function
polymul Multiplying Polynomials
polyint Anti-derivative of Polynomial
qrSolve LSE Solution
errorbar Plot Error Bars
eta Dirichlet Eta Function
ezcontour,ezsurf,ezmesh Contour, Surface, and Mesh Plotter
gauss_kronrod Gauss-Kronrod Quadrature
ezplot Easy Function Plot
gaussLegendre Gauss-Legendre Quadrature Formula
quadcc Adaptive Clenshaw-Curtis Quadrature
simpadpt Adaptive Simpson Quadrature
randperm Random Permutation
randortho Generate Random Orthonormal or Unitary Matrix
softline Soft (Inexact) Line Search
simpson2d Double Simpson Integration
matlab Matlab Compatibility
geomean, harmmean Geometric and Harmonic Mean (Matlab Style)
nearest_spd Nearest Symmetric Positive-definite Matrix
nelder_mead Nelder-Mead Minimization
pow2 Base 2 Power
randcomb Random Combination
rand Create Random Matrices
polyval Evaluating a Polynomial
quad Adaptive Simpson Quadrature
ratinterp Rational Interpolation
rationalfit Rational Function Approximation
rot90 Matrix Rotation
runge Runge Function
rref Reduced Row Echelon Form
spinterp Monotone (Shape-Preserving) Interpolation
sortrows Sort Rows of a Matrix (Matlab Style)
savgol Savitzky-Golay Smoothing
taylor Taylor Series Approximation
sumalt Alternating Series Acceleration
trapz Trapezoidal Integration
gradient Discrete Gradient (Matlab Style)
ifft Inverse Fast Fourier Transformation
gramSchmidt Gram-Schmidt
hilb Hilbert Matrix
hypot Hypotenuse Function
hessian Hessian Matrix
triquad Gaussian Triangle Quadrature
jacobian Jacobian Matrix
trisolve Tridiagonal Linear System Solver
neville Neville's Method
muller Muller's Method
kriging Interpolation by Kriging
nullspace Kernel or Nullspace
newmark Newmark Method
movavg Moving Average Filters
numderiv Richardson's Numerical Derivative
polar Polar Coordinate Plot (Matlab Style)
Poly Define Polynomial by Roots
polyder Derivative of Polynomial
polyfit,polyfix Fitting by Polynomial
qpspecial Special Quadratic Programming Solver
quadgk Adaptive Gauss-Kronrod Quadrature
procrustes Solving the Procrustes Problem
quadgr Gaussian Quadrature with Richardson Extrapolation
Rank Matrix Rank
rat Continuous Fractions (Matlab Style)
rmserr Accuracy Measures
romberg Romberg Integration
sind,cosd,tand, etc. Trigonometric Functions in Degrees
strTrim Remove leading and trailing white space.
steep_descent Steepest Descent Minimization
std Standard Deviation (Matlab Style)
size Size of Matrix
subspace Angle between two subspaces
tri Triangular Matrices (Matlab Style)
rectint Rectangle Intersection Areas
refindall Find overlapping regular expression matches.
rkf54 Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg
semilogx,semilogy Semi-logarithmic Plots (Matlab Style)
shooting Shooting Method
str2num Converting string to number (Matlab style)
rk4, rk4sys Classical Runge-Kutta
segm_distance Segment Distance
segm_intersect Segment Intersection
std_err Standard Error
squareform Format Distance Matrix (Matlab Style)
tic,toc MATLAB timer functions
titanium Titanium Test Data
Trace Matrix trace
Toeplitz Toeplitz Matrix
vander Vandermonde matrix
vectorfield Vector Field Plotting
whittaker Whittaker Smoothing
wilkinson wilkinson Matrix
sorting Sorting Routines
strRep Find and replace substring
strjust Justify character vector
strcat String Concatenation
strfind Find Substrings
strcmp String Comparison
trigApprox Trigonometric Approximation
zeta Riemann Zeta Function
cot,csc,sec, etc. More Trigonometric Functions
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