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Psychometric Modeling Infrastructure

Infrastructure for psychometric modeling such as data classes (for item response data and paired comparisons), basic model fitting functions (for Bradley-Terry, Rasch, parametric logistic IRT, generalized partial credit, rating scale, multinomial processing tree models), extractor functions for different types of parameters (item, person, threshold, discrimination, guessing, upper asymptotes), unified inference and visualizations, and various datasets for illustration. Intended as a common lightweight and efficient toolbox for psychometric modeling and a common building block for fitting psychometric mixture models in package "psychomix" and trees based on psychometric models in package "psychotree".

Functions in psychotools

Name Description
Sim3PL Simulated Data for fitting a 3PL and 3PLu
MemoryDeficits Memory Deficits in Psychiatric Patients
StereotypeThreat Stereotype Threat in Dutch Differential Aptitude Test
MathExam14W Mathematics 101 Exam Results
ConspiracistBeliefs2016 Generic Conspiracist Beliefs Scale (2016 Data)
FirstNames Popularity of First Names
GermanParties2009 Choice among German Political Parties
SoundQuality Quality of Multichannel Reproduced Sound
SourceMonitoring Performance in a Source-Monitoring Experiment
PairClustering Pair Clustering Data in Klauer (2006)
as.list.itemresp Coercing Item Response Data
discrpar Extract Discrimination Parameters of Item Response Models
YouthGratitude Measuring Gratitude in Youth
VerbalAggression Situation-Response Questionnaire on Verbal Aggression
elementary_symmetric_functions Calculation of the Elementary Symmetric Functions and Their Derivatives
covariates Extract/Set Covariates
curveplot Response Curve Plots for IRT Models
anchor Anchor Methods for the Detection of Uniform DIF the Rasch Model
anchortest Anchor methods for the detection of uniform DIF in the Rasch model
btmodel Bradley-Terry Model Fitting Function
itemresp Data Structure for Item Response Data
infoplot Information Plots for IRT Models
mptmodel Multinomial Processing Tree (MPT) Model Fitting Function
itempar Extract Item Parameters of Item Response Models
mscale Extract/Replace Measurement Scale
guesspar Extract Guessing Parameters of Item Response Models
gpcmodel Generalized Partial Credit Model Fitting Function
labels<- Set Labels
pcmodel Partial Credit Model Fitting Function
paircomp Data Structure for Paired Comparisons
print.paircomp Formatting Paired Comparison Data
plot.paircomp Plotting Paired Comparison Data
personpar Extract Person Parameters of Item Response Models
plmodel Parametric Logistic Model Fitting Function
piplot Person-Item Plots for IRT Models
plot.raschmodel Visualizing IRT Models
print.itemresp Formatting Item Response Data
predict.pcmodel Predict Methods for Item Response Models
plot.btmodel Visualizing Bradley-Terry Models
profileplot Profile Plots for IRT Models
subset.itemresp Subsetting Item Response Data
subset.paircomp Subsetting/Reordering Paired Comparison Data
raschmodel Rasch Model Fitting Function
rsmodel Rating Scale Model Fitting Function
worth Extract Worth Parameters
upperpar Extract Upper Asymptote Parameters of Item Response Models
threshpar Extract Threshold Parameters of Item Response Models
regionplot Region Plots for IRT Models
summary.itemresp Summarizing and Visualizing Item Response Data
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Date 2020-01-27
License GPL-2 | GPL-3
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2020-01-28 09:30:05 UTC; zeileis
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2020-01-28 14:20:06 UTC

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