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by JJ Allaire

Dynamic Documents for R

Convert R Markdown documents into a variety of formats.

Functions in rmarkdown

Name Description
all_output_formats Determine all output formats for an R Markdown document
html_fragment Convert to an HTML fragment.
github_document Convert to GitHub Flavored Markdown
knitr_options Knitr options for an output format
odt_document Convert to an OpenDocument Text (ODT) document
html-dependencies Provide common HTML dependencies for R Markdown formats
metadata The YAML metadata of the current R Markdown document
rtf_document Convert to an RTF document
run Run a Shiny document
render_supporting_files Render supporting files for an input document
pandoc_available Check pandoc availabilty and version
draft Create a new document based on a template
html_document_base Base output format for HTML-based output formats
html_vignette Convert to an HTML vignette.
pandoc_template Render a pandoc template.
pandoc_options Pandoc options for an output format
rmd_metadata R Markdown Metadata
knit_params_ask Run a shiny application asking for parameter configuration for the given document.
includes Include content within output
pandoc_self_contained_html Create a self-contained HTML document using pandoc.
render_delayed Delay Rendering for an Expression
slidy_presentation Convert to a slidy presentation
pandoc_args Functions for generating pandoc command line arguments
render_site Render multiple documents as a website
ioslides_presentation Convert to an ioslides Presentation
default_output_format Determine the default output format for an R Markdown document
latex_dependency Define a LaTeX package dependency
rmarkdown-package R Markdown Document Conversion
tufte_handout Tufte handout format (PDF)
html_document Convert to an HTML document
pandoc_path_arg Transform path for passing to pandoc
knitr_options_html Knitr options for an HTML output format
knitr_options_pdf Knitr options for a PDF output format
md_document Convert to a markdown document
relative_to Relative path utility function
word_document Convert to an MS Word document
compile_notebook Compiling R scripts to a notebook
find_external_resources Find External Resource References
render Render R Markdown
rmarkdown_format R Markdown input format definition
beamer_presentation Convert to a Beamer presentation
output_format Define an R Markdown output format
pandoc_convert Convert a document with pandoc
pdf_document Convert to a PDF document
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