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In-source documentation for R

A Doxygen-like in-source documentation system for Rd, collation, and NAMESPACE. (This is the third rewrite)
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Functions in roxygen3

Name Description
AuthorTag-class @author: the author of the documentation
ClassHierarchyTag-class @classHierarchy: describe class hierarchy for an S4 object.
auto_dynlib Automatically determine the dynamic imports that a function needs.
Behaviour-class [DEV] An object representing processing behaviour.
add_s3_metadata Add S3 metadata to a function
auto_imports [DEV] Scans a function and determines what functions it uses from other packages.
Block-class [DEV] Block class.
Bundle-class [DEV] An object representing a bundle of blocks in multiple files.
AliasesTag-class @aliases: additional topic aliases.
AutoImportsTag-class @autoImport: automatically add import statements.
ConceptTag-class @concept: add a "concept" index entry.
DevTag-class @dev: flag a function as for developers only.
DebugTag-class @debug: show the input paths as an Rd comment.
DefaultExportTag-class @defaultExports: stores information used by @exports
DetailsTag-class @details: provide (lots of) extra detail about the function
default_behaviour [DEV] Encapuslate default behaviour.
defaultTag [DEV] Generate default tag.
ClassMethodsTag-class @classMethods: automatically list all methods of an S4 class.
CommentTag-class @comment: add comments to the Rd file.
DirectoryBundle-class [DEV] A bundle of files in a directory.
DocTypeTag-class @docType: set the documentation type of the object.
EncodingTag-class @encoding: specify non-standard encoding for Rd file
ExamplesTag-class @example/@examples: provide examples.
FormatTag-class @format: describe format of data.
GenericMethodsTag-class @genericMethods: automatically list all methods of a generic
ParamTag-class @param: describe input parameters
NoteTag-class @note: Add a note section.
object_from_call [DEV] Given a call that modifies the R environment, find the object that it creates.
parse_block Parse and execute a block of text in a package like environment.
RdnameTag-class @rdname: manually set the generated file name.
ReferencesTag-class ' @references: add references to the literature.
rPath Compute path to a bundle.
is_s3_generic [DEV] Determine if a function is an S3 generic or S3 method.
roxygenise Roxygenise a package.
S3methodTag-class Export S3 methods.
DescriptionTag-class @description:: describe the function in one or two paragraphs.
Object-class [DEV] The object being documented.
PackageBundle-class [DEV] A bundle of files in a package.
roxygen3 Roxygen3.
ReturnTag-class @return: describe the output of the function
SlotTag-class @slot: document the slots of a S4 class.
SourceTag-class @source: the source of a dataset
TextUsage-class Given an object, return a string showing how that object should be used.
TemplateTag-class Include documentation templates.
TagUsageTag-class @usageTag: describe how to use roxygen tags
FamilyTag-class @family: associate the function with a family to automatically add cross-references.
TitleTag-class @title: Override default topic title.
find_tags Find all currently defined tags.
NameTag-class @name: Override the default topic name.
NoRdTag-class Do not produce rd file for this object.
parse_directory Parse directory of source files.
SectionTag-class @section: Add a new named section.
parse_file Parse a source file containing roxygen blocks.
UsageTag-class @usage: describe the usage of a function.
CollateTag-class @include: describe files that should be sourced before this one.
IntroTag-class Title, description and details.
KeywordsTag-class @keywords: provide high-level keywords.
InheritParamsTag-class @inheritParams: Inherit parameters from another function.
RdCommand [DEV] Translate a command and expressions into an Rd expression; multiple expressions take their own braces.
process [DEV] Process bundles and blocks.
tag [DEV] Convenience methods for manipulating tags in a block.
Tag-class [DEV] Tag class
writeDescription [DEV] An output generator for the ‘DESCRIPTION’ file.
writeNamespace [DEV] An output generator for the ‘NAMESPACE’ file.
ExportClassTag-class Namespace: tags for exporting objects
SeealsoTag-class @seealso: other places to look for documentation.
writeRd [DEV] Output to Rd files in the man directory.
ImportClassesFromTag-class Namespace: tags for importing functions.
UseDynLibTag-class @useDynLib: import routines from a shared library.
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