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by Patrick Mair

Multidimensional Scaling

Provides the following approaches for multidimensional scaling (MDS) based on stress minimization by means of majorization (smacof): basic MDS on symmetric dissimilarity matrices, MDS with external constraints on the configuration, individual difference scaling (idioscal, indscal, and friends), MDS with spherical restrictions, and unfolding. The MDS type can be ratio, interval, ordinal, and monotone splines. Various tools and extensions like jackknife MDS, permutation tests, gravity models, inverse MDS, unidimensional scaling, classical scaling, and Procrustes.

Functions in smacof

Name Description
jackknife SMACOF Jackknife
permtest SMACOF Permutation
Plato7 Plato's Seven Works
smacofSym Symmetric smacof
Guerry Map Dataset France 1830
breakfast Breakfast preferences
wish_ger Wish dataset
Procrustes Procrustean Similarity Transformations
smacofSphere Spherical SMACOF
EW_ger Work values
summary.smacofB S3 methods for smacof
helm Helm's color data
ekman Ekman data set
inverseMDS Inverse MDS
symdecomp Proximity Matrix Decomposition
perception Rectangle Perception Data
residuals.smacof Residuals
OCP Organizational Culture Profile
morsescales Morse Code Confusion Scales
Duration Facets of the subjective duration of imagined situations
PVQ40 Portrait Value Questionnaire
sim2diss Converts similarites to dissimilarities
driftVectors Asymmetric MDS: Drift Vectors
fitCircle Fitting circle into point configuration
randomstress Stress Calculation for Random Dissimilarities
smacofRect Rectangular smacof
LawLer Management Performance Data
partypref Party preferences
dissWeights Create Weights for Uniform Weighted Distribution
morse Morse Code Confusion Data
stardist Distances among stars in zodiac signs
GOPdtm Republican Statements
biplotmds MDS Biplots
indvalues Individual Psychological Values
uniscale Unidimensional Scaling
intelligence Intelligence Tests
gravity Gravity dissimilarities
kinshipdelta Kinship Terms
RockHard RockHard Ratings
smacofIndDiff SMACOF for Individual Differences
rectangles Rectangles
torgerson Torgerson Scaling
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Type Package
Date 2016-04-20
License GPL-3
VignetteBuilder knitr
LazyData yes
LazyLoad yes
ByteCompile yes
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2016-04-21 13:01:59 UTC; patrick
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-04-22 13:10:09

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