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This package was inspired by the badgerbadger package that checks for badges of travis, code coverage open issues, dependencies and licenses. It would be nice to have a simple function that adds these things to a readme.rmd file in R. It will save you typing and searching for the exact markdown on the websites of travis, codecov, etc.

This package does now place the following badges /shields:

  • [x] repo status according to
  • [x] licence (recognize from DESCRIPTION file)
  • [x] travis shield
  • [x] code coverage
  • [x] minimal R version (recognize from DESCRIPTION file)
  • [x] cran badge
  • [x] packageversion (recognize from DESCRIPTION file)
  • [x] last change (this will automagically update everytime you knit your readme.rmd)
  • [x] finds github account and reponame automatically
  • [x] finds local repo
  • [x] nr of open issues
  • [x] number of pull requests
  • [x] rdocumentation badge

Possible future badges

  • [x] number of downloads CRAN
  • [ ] number of dependencies and:
  • [ ] a way to visualize their version
  • [ ] project lifecycle badge as used by tidyverse

Other changes initiatilzation on only (without active components)


I like to use the following workflow:

  • start a new project in rstudio
  • after some functions are made start a package
  • start a github repo
  • create a readme.rmd
  • ( this is where badgecreatr comes in) create badges
  • continue with the project
  • submit to cran, bioconductor, ropensci etc

You will probably call badgecreatr only once, somewhere during your work.

If you call badgecreatr again when you already have badges, they will be recognized. [(see NEWS)]](


badgecreatr is on CRAN, install using install.packages("badgecreatr"). But is has a flaw that I have fixed in the dev version.

The newest 'developmental' version is installed with devtools::install_github("rmhogervorst/badgecreatr")


You can use this package in multiple ways: add a bunch of badges at once with badgecreatr::badgeplacer(), or you can add the badges with seperate commands, I have named them all badge_* so that autocomplete will make it much easier for you to find the correct one. See the vignette about scenarios of use for more info.


Want to help or have questions? Contact me directly, use an issue, fork me or submit a pull request.


I found the projectstatus and the wonderful projects and wanted to implement that for all my packages. But that took a lot of work. Repetitive work, and I don't like that.

The badgerbadgerbadger project in ruby did all these things automatically. I wanted to do the same thing for R projects. And I did.

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January 7th, 2019

Functions in badgecreatr (0.2.0)