flowQ v1.32.0

by MJiang

Quality control for flow cytometry

Provides quality control and quality assessment tools for flow cytometry data.

Functions in flowQ

Name Description
qaProcess.timeline Create QA process of type 'timeline'
qaProcess.ECDFPlot Creates a QA process for comparisons of ECDF's across multiple samples
qaProcess.timeflow Create QA process of type 'timeflow'
binaryAggregator-class Class "binaryAggregator"
outliers-methods ~~ Methods for Function outliers in Package `.GlobalEnv' ~~
writeQAReport Create HTML report for (lists of) qaProcess objects
qaAggregator-class Abstraction of the possible outcomes of a QA process
qaProcess.marginevents Create QA process of type 'marginevents'
qaProcess.BoundaryPlot Creates a QA process for comparison of the percentage of boundary events for the specified parameters across multiple samples
qaReport Create HTML report using one or several QA process function(s)
writeQATextReport Create tab delimited text files for (lists of) qaProcess objects
flowQ-package Quality control for flow cytometry
qaProcess.cellnumber Create QA process of type 'cellnumber'
locateDuplicatedParameters Locate Duplicated Parameters
qData Data for demonstrating QA processes that compares dye parameters from each patient across multiple aliquots
scatter_gate Singlets Detection
flowQB-package Automated Quadratic Characterization of Flow Cytometer Instrument Sensitivity: Q, B and CV-instrinsic calculations.
find_peak Peak Detection
evaluateProcess Evaluate QA processes
factorAggregator-class Class "factorAggregator"
qaProcess.DensityPlot Creates a QA process for comparisons of density plots across multiple samples
qaProcess-class Abstraction of the results of a QA process
BEADflowQBCalculation QB Calculation for Beads
qaProcess.KLDistPlot Creates a QA process for comparisons of KL Distances across multiple samples
qaProcess.2DStatsPlot Creates a QA process for 2D summary statistic comparisons across multiple samples
LEDflowQBCalculation QB Calculation for LEDs
numericAggregator-class Class "numericAggregator"
outlier-class Virtual Class "outlier"
validProcess Validate a QAProcess object
qaProcessSummary Class "qaProcessSummary"
preProcessFlowList Preprocess a list of flowSets to add empty flowFrames for patients in which certain aliquots are missing
outlierResult-class Class "outlierResult"
aggregatorList-class Class "aggregatorList"
qaGraphList-class Class "qaGraphList"
qaGraph-class Class "qaGraph"
normailzeSets Locate Duplicated Parameters
qaProcessFrame-class Class "qaProcessFrame"
discreteAggregator-class Class "discreteAggregator"
rangeAggregator-class Class "rangeAggregator"
stringAggregator-class Class "stringAggregator"
txtFormatQAObject Formats results contained in QA process objects into a data frame with appropriate row and column names
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Type Package
SystemRequirements ImageMagick
License Artistic-2.0
biocViews Infrastructure, FlowCytometry, CellBasedAssays

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