stats v3.3.1

The R Stats Package

R statistical functions.

Functions in stats

Name Description
anova.glm Analysis of Deviance for Generalized Linear Model Fits
alias Find Aliases (Dependencies) in a Model
add1 Add or Drop All Possible Single Terms to a Model
AIC Akaike's An Information Criterion
anova.lm ANOVA for Linear Model Fits
acf2AR Compute an AR Process Exactly Fitting an ACF
aggregate Compute Summary Statistics of Data Subsets
acf Auto- and Cross- Covariance and -Correlation Function Estimation
addmargins Puts Arbitrary Margins on Multidimensional Tables or Arrays
anova Anova Tables
ar.ols Fit Autoregressive Models to Time Series by OLS
ansari.test Ansari-Bradley Test
approxfun Interpolation Functions
aov Fit an Analysis of Variance Model
arima ARIMA Modelling of Time Series
anova.mlm Comparisons between Multivariate Linear Models
ar Fit Autoregressive Models to Time Series
ARMAacf Compute Theoretical ACF for an ARMA Process
arima.sim Simulate from an ARIMA Model
arima0 ARIMA Modelling of Time Series -- Preliminary Version
as.hclust Convert Objects to Class hclust
Beta The Beta Distribution
binom.test Exact Binomial Test
ave Group Averages Over Level Combinations of Factors
asOneSidedFormula Convert to One-Sided Formula
Binomial The Binomial Distribution
bandwidth Bandwidth Selectors for Kernel Density Estimation
bartlett.test Bartlett Test of Homogeneity of Variances
ARMAtoMA Convert ARMA Process to Infinite MA Process
biplot Biplot of Multivariate Data
Cauchy The Cauchy Distribution
.checkMFClasses Functions to Check the Type of Variables passed to Model Frames
chisq.test Pearson's Chi-squared Test for Count Data
cancor Canonical Correlations
biplot.princomp Biplot for Principal Components
Chisquare The (non-central) Chi-Squared Distribution
birthday Probability of coincidences
case+variable.names Case and Variable Names of Fitted Models
cmdscale Classical (Metric) Multidimensional Scaling
Box.test Box-Pierce and Ljung-Box Tests
confint Confidence Intervals for Model Parameters
coef Extract Model Coefficients
convolve Convolution of Sequences via FFT
contrasts Get and Set Contrast Matrices
cor Correlation, Variance and Covariance (Matrices)
constrOptim Linearly Constrained Optimization
cophenetic Cophenetic Distances for a Hierarchical Clustering
contrast (Possibly Sparse) Contrast Matrices
cor.test Test for Association/Correlation Between Paired Samples
complete.cases Find Complete Cases
delete.response Modify Terms Objects
cutree Cut a Tree into Groups of Data
decompose Classical Seasonal Decomposition by Moving Averages
df.residual Residual Degrees-of-Freedom
deviance Model Deviance
dendrapply Apply a Function to All Nodes of a Dendrogram
cpgram Plot Cumulative Periodogram
cov.wt Weighted Covariance Matrices
density Kernel Density Estimation
deriv Symbolic and Algorithmic Derivatives of Simple Expressions
effects Effects from Fitted Model
Distributions Distributions in the stats package
embed Embedding a Time Series
diffinv Discrete Integration: Inverse of Differencing
dummy.coef Extract Coefficients in Original Coding
ecdf Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function
dist Distance Matrix Computation
eff.aovlist Compute Efficiencies of Multistratum Analysis of Variance
expand.model.frame Add new variables to a model frame
extractAIC Extract AIC from a Fitted Model
FDist The F Distribution
fft Fast Discrete Fourier Transform (FFT)
IQR The Interquartile Range
interaction.plot Two-way Interaction Plot
fitted Extract Model Fitted Values
fivenum Tukey Five-Number Summaries
glm.summaries Accessing Generalized Linear Model Fits
glm Fitting Generalized Linear Models
influence.measures Regression Deletion Diagnostics
integrate Integration of One-Dimensional Functions Fitter Functions for Linear Models
loadings Print Loadings in Factor Analysis
ls.print Print lsfit Regression Results
ls.diag Compute Diagnostics for lsfit Regression Results
glm.control Auxiliary for Controlling GLM Fitting
getInitial Get Initial Parameter Estimates
KalmanLike Kalman Filtering
heatmap Draw a Heat Map
hclust Hierarchical Clustering
kernapply Apply Smoothing Kernel
Lognormal The Log Normal Distribution
line Robust Line Fitting
lag.plot Time Series Lag Plots
model.matrix Construct Design Matrices
model.extract Extract Components from a Model Frame
lowess Scatter Plot Smoothing
formula.nls Extract Model Formula from nls Object
formula Model Formulae
fligner.test Fligner-Killeen Test of Homogeneity of Variances
friedman.test Friedman Rank Sum Test
kruskal.test Kruskal-Wallis Rank Sum Test
ks.test Kolmogorov-Smirnov Tests
logLik Extract Log-Likelihood
manova Multivariate Analysis of Variance
loglin Fitting Log-Linear Models
nls.control Control the Iterations in nls
offset Include an Offset in a Model Formula
NLSstAsymptotic Fit the Asymptotic Regression Model
oneway.test Test for Equal Means in a One-Way Layout
power.anova.test Power Calculations for Balanced One-Way Analysis of Variance Tests
power Create a Power Link Object
PP.test Phillips-Perron Test for Unit Roots
ppoints Ordinates for Probability Plotting
read.ftable Manipulate Flat Contingency Tables
rect.hclust Draw Rectangles Around Hierarchical Clusters
reshape Reshape Grouped Data
residuals Extract Model Residuals
sd Standard Deviation
se.contrast Standard Errors for Contrasts in Model Terms
sortedXyData Create a sortedXyData Object Estimate Spectral Density of a Time Series from AR Fit
factor.scope Compute Allowed Changes in Adding to or Dropping from a Formula
GammaDist The Gamma Distribution
family Family Objects for Models
Geometric The Geometric Distribution
identify.hclust Identify Clusters in a Dendrogram
HoltWinters Holt-Winters Filtering
ksmooth Kernel Regression Smoother
lag Lag a Time Series
listof A Class for Lists of (Parts of) Model Fits
filter Linear Filtering on a Time Series
fisher.test Fisher's Exact Test for Count Data
ftable.formula Formula Notation for Flat Contingency Tables
ftable Flat Contingency Tables
is.empty.model Test if a Model's Formula is Empty
isoreg Isotonic / Monotone Regression
kernel Smoothing Kernel Objects
loess.control Set Parameters for Loess
kmeans K-Means Clustering
Logistic The Logistic Distribution
lm.summaries Accessing Linear Model Fits
lm Fitting Linear Models
lsfit Find the Least Squares Fit
mauchly.test Mauchly's Test of Sphericity
mahalanobis Mahalanobis Distance
mcnemar.test McNemar's Chi-squared Test for Count Data
naresid Adjust for Missing Values Handle Missing Values in Objects
NLSstLfAsymptote Horizontal Asymptote on the Left Side
NLSstClosestX Inverse Interpolation
plot.acf Plot Autocovariance and Autocorrelation Functions
plot.density Plot Method for Kernel Density Estimation
printCoefmat Print Coefficient Matrices
power.prop.test Power Calculations for Two-Sample Test for Proportions
power.t.test Power calculations for one and two sample t tests
profile Generic Function for Profiling Models
quantile Sample Quantiles
rWishart Random Wishart Distributed Matrices
r2dtable Random 2-way Tables with Given Marginals
runmed Running Medians -- Robust Scatter Plot Smoothing
naprint Adjust for Missing Values
NegBinomial The Negative Binomial Distribution
Normal The Normal Distribution
numericDeriv Evaluate Derivatives Numerically
plot.HoltWinters Plot function for HoltWinters objects
plot.isoreg Plot Method for isoreg Objects
sigma Extract Residual Standard Deviation 'Sigma'
shapiro.test Shapiro-Wilk Normality Test
spectrum Spectral Density Estimation
splinefun Interpolating Splines
SSgompertz Self-Starting Nls Gompertz Growth Model
SSfpl Self-Starting Nls Four-Parameter Logistic Model
stats-deprecated Deprecated Functions in Package stats
plot.ppr Plot Ridge Functions for Projection Pursuit Regression Fit
plot.lm Plot Diagnostics for an lm Object
predict.Arima Forecast from ARIMA fits
predict.glm Predict Method for GLM Fits
qqnorm Quantile-Quantile Plots
print.ts Printing and Formatting of Time-Series Objects
print.power.htest Print Methods for Hypothesis Tests and Power Calculation Objects Create a Link for GLM Families
makepredictcall Utility Function for Safe Prediction
model.tables Compute Tables of Results from an Aov Model Fit
monthplot Plot a Seasonal or other Subseries from a Time Series
na.action NA Action
na.contiguous Find Longest Contiguous Stretch of non-NAs
median Median Value
mantelhaen.test Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel Chi-Squared Test for Count Data
pairwise.prop.test Pairwise comparisons for proportions
medpolish Median Polish of a Matrix
Poisson The Poisson Distribution
pairwise.t.test Pairwise t tests
poisson.test Exact Poisson tests
predict.nls Predicting from Nonlinear Least Squares Fits
predict.smooth.spline Predict from Smoothing Spline Fit
profile.nls Method for Profiling nls Objects
stlmethods Methods for STL Objects
toeplitz Form Symmetric Toeplitz Matrix
weighted.mean Weighted Arithmetic Mean
var.test F Test to Compare Two Variances
SSfol Self-Starting Nls First-order Compartment Model
SSD SSD Matrix and Estimated Variance Matrix in Multivariate Models
stl Seasonal Decomposition of Time Series by Loess
summary.princomp Summary method for Principal Components Analysis
supsmu Friedman's SuperSmoother
ts-methods Methods for Time Series Objects
varimax Rotation Methods for Factor Analysis
weighted.residuals Compute Weighted Residuals
quade.test Quade Test
SignRank Distribution of the Wilcoxon Signed Rank Statistic
smooth Tukey's (Running Median) Smoothing
StructTS Fit Structural Time Series
symnum Symbolic Number Coding
summary.aov Summarize an Analysis of Variance Model
t.test Student's t-Test
tsp Tsp Attribute of Time-Series-like Objects
tsSmooth Use Fixed-Interval Smoothing on Time Series
Tukey The Studentized Range Distribution
lm.influence Regression Diagnostics
mood.test Mood Two-Sample Test of Scale
Multinom The Multinomial Distribution
nextn Highly Composite Numbers
nlm Non-Linear Minimization
optimize One Dimensional Optimization
optim General-purpose Optimization
order.dendrogram Ordering or Labels of the Leaves in a Dendrogram
p.adjust Adjust P-values for Multiple Comparisons
plot.stepfun Plot Step Functions
nobs Extract the Number of Observations from a Fit.
NLSstRtAsymptote Horizontal Asymptote on the Right Side
pairwise.table Tabulate p values for pairwise comparisons
pairwise.wilcox.test Pairwise Wilcoxon Rank Sum Tests
plot.spec Plotting Spectral Densities
plot.profile.nls Plot a profile.nls Object
predict.HoltWinters Prediction Function for Fitted Holt-Winters Models
preplot Pre-computations for a Plotting Object
predict Model Predictions
relevel Reorder Levels of Factor
proj Projections of Models
reorder.dendrogram Reorder a Dendrogram
SSasymp Self-Starting Nls Asymptotic Regression Model
SSasympOff Self-Starting Nls Asymptotic Regression Model with an Offset
start Encode the Terminal Times of Time Series
SSweibull Self-Starting Nls Weibull Growth Curve Model
summary.glm Summarizing Generalized Linear Model Fits
summary.lm Summarizing Linear Model Fits
plot.ts Plotting Time-Series Objects
TukeyHSD Compute Tukey Honest Significant Differences
terms.formula Construct a terms Object from a Formula
ppr Projection Pursuit Regression
prcomp Principal Components Analysis
predict.loess Predict Loess Curve or Surface
predict.lm Predict method for Linear Model Fits
prop.trend.test Test for trend in proportions
prop.test Test of Equal or Given Proportions
scatter.smooth Scatter Plot with Smooth Curve Fitted by Loess
screeplot Screeplots
selfStart Construct Self-starting Nonlinear Models
terms.object Description of Terms Objects
terms Model Terms
time Sampling Times of Time Series
weights Extract Model Weights
spec.pgram Estimate Spectral Density of a Time Series by a Smoothed Periodogram
spec.taper Taper a Time Series by a Cosine Bell
setNames Set the Names in an Object
SSmicmen Self-Starting Nls Michaelis-Menten Model
summary.manova Summary Method for Multivariate Analysis of Variance
ts Time-Series Objects
summary.nls Summarizing Non-Linear Least-Squares Model Fits
ts.plot Plot Multiple Time Series
update.formula Model Updating
Wilcoxon Distribution of the Wilcoxon Rank Sum Statistic
update Update and Re-fit a Model Call
stats-package The R Stats Package
TDist The Student t Distribution
termplot Plot Regression Terms
ts.union Bind Two or More Time Series
tsdiag Diagnostic Plots for Time-Series Fits
vcov Calculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted Model Object
Weibull The Weibull Distribution
reorder.default Reorder Levels of a Factor
smooth.spline Fit a Smoothing Spline
SSasympOrig Self-Starting Nls Asymptotic Regression Model through the Origin
smoothEnds End Points Smoothing (for Running Medians)
SSbiexp Self-Starting Nls Biexponential model
stat.anova GLM Anova Statistics
stats-defunct Defunct Functions in Package stats
wilcox.test Wilcoxon Rank Sum and Signed Rank Tests
Uniform The Uniform Distribution
uniroot One Dimensional Root (Zero) Finding
C Sets Contrasts for a Factor
SSlogis Self-Starting Nls Logistic Model
princomp Principal Components Analysis
window Time Windows
replications Number of Replications of Terms
stepfun Step Functions - Creation and Class
step Choose a model by AIC in a Stepwise Algorithm
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