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Tools for Remote Sensing Data Analysis

Toolbox for remote sensing image processing and analysis such as calculating spectral indices, principal component transformation, unsupervised and supervised classification or fractional cover analyses.



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RStoolbox is an R package providing a wide range of tools for your every-day remote sensing processing needs. The available tool-set covers many aspects from data import, pre-processing, data analysis, image classification and graphical display. RStoolbox builds upon the raster package, which makes it suitable for processing large data-sets even on smaller workstations. Moreover in most parts decent support for parallel processing is implemented.

For more details have a look at the functions overview.


The package is now on CRAN and can be installed as usual via


To install the latest version from GitHub you need to have r-base-dev (Linux) or Rtools (Windows) installed. Then run the following lines:


Functions in RStoolbox

Name Description
encodeQA Encode QA Conditions to Integers
RStoolbox RStoolbox: A Collection of Remote Sensing Tools
decodeQA Decode QA flags to bit-words
coregisterImages Image to Image Co-Registration based on Mutual Information
ImageMetaData ImageMetaData Class
cloudShadowMask Cloud Shadow Masking for Flat Terrain
cloudMask Simple Cloud Detection
classifyQA Classify Landsat QA bands
ggRGB Create ggplot2 Raster Plots with RGB from 3 RasterLayers
lsat Landsat 5TM Example Data
estimateHaze Estimate Image Haze for Dark Object Subtraction (DOS)
rasterEntropy Multi-layer Pixel Entropy
rasterPCA Principal Component Analysis for Rasters
mesma Multiple Endmember Spectral Mixture Analysis (Spectral Unmixing)
rasterCVA Change Vector Analysis
readSLI Read ENVI spectral libraries
getValidation Extract validation results from superClass objects
radCor Radiometric Calibration and Correction
fCover Fractional Cover Analysis
ggR Plot RasterLayers in ggplot with greyscale
histMatch Image to Image Contrast Matching
tasseledCap Tasseled Cap Transformation
oneHotEncode One-hot encode a raster or vector
pifMatch Pseudo-Invariant Features based Image Matching
superClass Supervised Classification
panSharpen Pan Sharpen Imagery / Image Fusion
normImage Normalize Raster Images: Center and Scale
stackMeta Import separate Landsat files into single stack
writeSLI Write ENVI spectral libraries
readEE Tidy import tool for EarthExplorer .csv export files
readMeta Read Landsat MTL metadata files
topCor Topographic Illumination Correction
fortify.raster Fortify method for classes from the raster package.
rsOpts Set global options for RStoolbox
rlogo Rlogo as RasterBrick
unsuperClass Unsupervised Classification
validateMap Map accuracy assessment
predict.superClass Predict a raster map based on a superClass model fit.
spectralIndices Spectral Indices
predict.unsuperClass Predict a raster map based on a unsuperClass model fit.
getMeta Extract bandwise information from ImageMetaData
srtm SRTM Digital Elevation Model
rescaleImage Linear Image Rescaling
sam Spectral Angle Mapper
saveRSTBX Save and Read RStoolbox Classification Results
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