base v3.1.3

The R Base Package

Base R functions.

Functions in base

Name Description
append Vector Merging
abbreviate Abbreviate Strings
agrep Approximate String Matching (Fuzzy Matching)
array Multi-way Arrays
apply Apply Functions Over Array Margins
args Argument List of a Function
any Are Some Values True?
all Are All Values True?
all.names Find All Names in an Expression
aperm Array Transposition
as.environment Coerce to an Environment Object
AsIs Inhibit Interpretation/Conversion of Objects
as.function Convert Object to Function
as.POSIX* Date-time Conversion Functions
attr Object Attributes
attach Attach Set of R Objects to Search Path
assignOps Assignment Operators
assign Assign a Value to a Name
as.Date Date Conversion Functions to and from Character Coerce to a Data Frame
Bessel Bessel Functions
.bincode Bin a Numeric Vector
base-internal Internal Objects in Package base
base-deprecated Deprecated Functions in Package base
base-package The R Base Package
backsolve Solve an Upper or Lower Triangular System
base-defunct Defunct Functions in Package base
basename Manipulate File Paths
attributes Object Attribute Lists
autoload On-demand Loading of Packages
bitwise Bitwise Logical Operations
c Combine Values into a Vector or List
bindenv Binding and Environment Locking, Active Bindings
body Access to and Manipulation of the Body of a Function
by Apply a Function to a Data Frame Split by Factors
builtins Returns the Names of All Built-in Objects
bquote Partial substitution in expressions
browser Environment Browser
call Function Calls
browserText Functions to Retrieve Values Supplied by Calls to the Browser
CallExternal Modern Interfaces to C/C++ code
callCC Call With Current Continuation
charmatch Partial String Matching
character Character Vectors
char.expand Expand a String with Respect to a Target Table
cbind Combine R Objects by Rows or Columns
chol2inv Inverse from Choleski (or QR) Decomposition
class Object Classes
chartr Character Translation and Casefolding
chol The Choleski Decomposition
Cstack_info Report Information on C Stack Size and Usage
row+colnames Row and Column Names
col Column Indexes
cumsum Cumulative Sums, Products, and Extremes
complex Complex Vectors
conditions Condition Handling and Recovery
data.matrix Convert a Data Frame to a Numeric Matrix
Control Control Flow
contributors R Project Contributors
dataframeHelpers Data Frame Auxiliary Functions
capabilities Report Capabilities of this Build of R
commandArgs Extract Command Line Arguments
cat Concatenate and Print
date System Date and Time
cut.POSIXt Convert a Date or Date-Time Object to a Factor
cut Convert Numeric to Factor
comment Query or Set a "comment" Attribute
dontCheck Identity Function to Suppress Checking Execute a Function Call
Dates Date Class
Colon Colon Operator
Defunct Marking Objects as Defunct
debug Debug a Function
colSums Form Row and Column Sums and Means
diff Lagged Differences
diag Matrix Diagonals
eigen Spectral Decomposition of a Matrix
eapply Apply a Function Over Values in an Environment
file.access Ascertain File Accessibility
factor Factors
encodeString Encode Character Vector as for Printing
Extremes Maxima and Minima
Encoding Read or Set the Declared Encodings for a Character Vector
Extract.factor Extract or Replace Parts of a Factor
copyright Copyrights of Files Used to Build R
crossprod Matrix Crossproduct
det Calculate the Determinant of a Matrix
data.frame Data Frames
data.class Object Classes
.Device Lists of Open/Active Graphics Devices
dump Text Representations of R Objects
environment Environment Access
duplicated Determine Duplicate Elements
dput Write an Object to a File or Recreate it
double Double-Precision Vectors
eval Evaluate an (Unevaluated) Expression
function Function Definition
file.path Construct Path to File Display One or More Files
funprog Common Higher-Order Functions in Functional Programming Languages
groupGeneric S3 Group Generic Functions
grepRaw Pattern Matching for Raw Vectors
gettext Translate Text Messages
isS4 Test for an S4 object
is.R Are we using R, rather than S?
getwd Get or Set Working Directory
difftime Time Intervals
kronecker Kronecker Products on Arrays
kappa Compute or Estimate the Condition Number of a Matrix
dim Dimensions of an Object
exists Is an Object Defined?
drop Drop Redundant Extent Information
droplevels droplevels
files File Manipulation
formatC Formatting Using C-style Formats
expand.grid Create a Data Frame from All Combinations of Factors
find.package Find Packages
formatDL Format Description Lists Extract File Information
file.choose Choose a File Interactively
formals Access to and Manipulation of the Formal Arguments
gl Generate Factor Levels
grep Pattern Matching and Replacement format(.) Information
identity Identity Function
is.object Is an Object ‘internally classed’?
ifelse Conditional Element Selection
is.recursive Is an Object Atomic or Recursive?
interaction Compute Factor Interactions
integer Integer Vectors
is.function Is an Object of Type (Primitive) Function?
is.language Is an Object a Language Object?
list2env From A List, Build or Add To an Environment
load Reload Saved Datasets
lower.tri Lower and Upper Triangular Part of a Matrix
name Names and Symbols
mode The (Storage) Mode of an Object
ls List Objects
ns-hooks Hooks for Namespace Events
ns-internals Namespace Internals
on.exit Function Exit Code
Ops.Date Operators on the Date Class
Quotes Quotes
Internal Call an Internal Function
sequence Create A Vector of Sequences
readLines Read Text Lines from a Connection
seq.POSIXt Generate Regular Sequences of Times
readline Read a Line from the Terminal
InternalMethods Internal Generic Functions
QR.Auxiliaries Reconstruct the Q, R, or X Matrices from a QR Object
Last.value Value of Last Evaluated Expression
labels Find Labels from Object
library.dynam Loading DLLs from Packages
libPaths Search Paths for Packages
mapply Apply a Function to Multiple List or Vector Arguments
MathFun Miscellaneous Mathematical Functions
margin.table Compute table margin
match Value Matching
Memory-limits Memory Limits in R
Memory Memory Available for Data Storage
message Diagnostic Messages
missing Does a Formal Argument have a Value? Printing Data Frames
readRenviron Set Environment Variables from a File
qr The QR Decomposition of a Matrix
pushBack Push Text Back on to a Connection
print.default Default Printing
slotOp Extract or Replace A Slot
reg.finalizer Finalization of Objects
socketSelect Wait on Socket Connections
strsplit Split the Elements of a Character Vector
sweep Sweep out Array Summaries
strtoi Convert Strings to Integers
Sys.localeconv Find Details of the Numerical and Monetary Representations in the Current Locale
switch Select One of a List of Alternatives
Sys.time Get Current Date and Time
sys.source Parse and Evaluate Expressions from a File
sys.parent Functions to Access the Function Call Stack
conflicts Search for Masked Objects on the Search Path
Constants Built-in Constants
dcf Read and Write Data in DCF Format
DateTimeClasses Date-Time Classes
delayedAssign Delay Evaluation
Deprecated Marking Objects as Deprecated
expression Unevaluated Expressions Extract or Replace Parts of a Data Frame
force Force Evaluation of an Argument
findInterval Find Interval Numbers or Indices
Foreign-internal Internal Versions of the Foreign Function Interface
Foreign Foreign Function Interface
format Encode in a Common Format
getCallingDLL Compute DLL for Native Interface Call
getNativeSymbolInfo Obtain a Description of one or more Native (C/Fortran) Symbols
format.pval Format P Values
identical Test Objects for Exact Equality
Hyperbolic Hyperbolic Functions
is.single Is an Object of Single Precision Type?
La_version LAPACK version
l10n_info Localization Information
ISOdatetime Date-time Conversion Functions from Numeric Representations
license The R License Terms
library Loading/Attaching and Listing of Packages
match.arg Argument Verification Using Partial Matching
mat.or.vec Create a Matrix or a Vector
nargs The Number of Arguments to a Function
names The Names of an Object
memCompress In-memory Compression and Decompression
mean Arithmetic Mean
gc.time Report Time Spent in Garbage Collection
gc Garbage Collection
gctorture Torture Garbage Collector
get Return the Value of a Named Object
invisible Change the Print Mode to Invisible
hexmode Display Numbers in Hexadecimal
gzcon (De)compress I/O Through Connections
jitter ‘Jitter’ (Add Noise) to Numbers
isSymmetric Test if a Matrix or other Object is Symmetric
is.finite Finite, Infinite and NaN Numbers
ns-reflect.Rd Namespace Reflection Support
ns-load Loading and Unloading Name Spaces
Paren Parentheses and Braces
pmatch Partial String Matching
parse Parse Expressions
range Range of Values
polyroot Find Zeros of a Real or Complex Polynomial
raw Raw Vectors
rapply Recursively Apply a Function to a List
rank Sample Ranks
textConnection Text Connections
taskCallbackNames Query the Names of the Current Internal Top-Level Task Callbacks
Vectorize Vectorize a Scalar Function
R.Version Version Information
.Script Scripting Language Interface
zutils Miscellaneous Internal/Programming Utilities
zapsmall Rounding of Numbers
zpackages Listing of Packages
nrow The Number of Rows/Columns of an Array
memory.profile Profile the Usage of Cons Cells
merge Merge Two Data Frames
ns-dblcolon Double Colon and Triple Colon Operators
order Ordering Permutation
outer Outer Product of Arrays
pcre_config Report Configuration Options for PCRE
path.expand Expand File Paths
regmatches Extract or Replace Matched Substrings
prop.table Express Table Entries as Fraction of Marginal Table
prod Product of Vector Elements
search Give Search Path for R Objects
rep Replicate Elements of Vectors and Lists
seek Functions to Reposition Connections
serialize Simple Serialization Interface
sets Set Operations
split Divide into Groups and Reassemble
Sys.readlink Read File Symbolic Links
sprintf Use C-style String Formatting Commands
lazyLoad Lazy Load a Database of R Objects
Sys.setenv Set or Unset Environment Variables
levels Levels Attributes
locales Query or Set Aspects of the Locale
log Logarithms and Exponentials
make.unique Make Character Strings Unique
make.names Make Syntactically Valid Names
matmult Matrix Multiplication
ns-topenv Top Level Environment
maxCol Find Maximum Position in Matrix
NULL The Null Object
list.files List the Files in a Directory/Folder
list Lists -- Generic and Dotted Pairs
Logic Logical Operators
logical Logical Vectors
nlevels The Number of Levels of a Factor Argument Matching Extract a Function Specified by Name
unlink Delete Files and Directories
NotYet Not Yet Implemented Functions and Unused Arguments
noquote Class for ‘no quote’ Printing of Character Strings
normalizePath Express File Paths in Canonical Form
unlist Flatten Lists
warnings Print Warning Messages
warning Warning Messages
replace Replace Values in a Vector
rev Reverse Elements
sink Send R Output to a File
slice.index Slice Indexes in an Array
standardGeneric Formal Method System -- Dispatching S4 Methods
srcfile References to source files
strwrap Wrap Character Strings to Format Paragraphs
Syntax Operator Syntax and Precedence
subset Subsetting Vectors, Matrices and Data Frames
Sys.getenv Get Environment Variables
NumericConstants Numeric Constants
octmode Display Numbers in Octal
rawConnection Raw Connections
proc.time Running Time of R
prmatrix Print Matrices, Old-style
row Row Indexes
RdUtils Utilities for Processing Rd Files
seq.Date Generate Regular Sequences of Dates
row.names Get and Set Row Names for Data Frames
seq Sequence Generation
numeric_version Numeric Versions
numeric Numeric Vectors Convert Positions in the Search Path to Environments
Random.user User-supplied Random Number Generation
pretty Pretty Breakpoints
readBin Transfer Binary Data To and From Connections
Random Random Number Generation
remove Remove Objects from a Specified Environment
readChar Transfer Character Strings To and From Connections
round.POSIXt Round / Truncate Data-Time Objects
scale Scaling and Centering of Matrix-like Objects
substr Substrings of a Character Vector
substitute Substituting and Quoting Expressions
scan Read Data Values
system.time CPU Time Used
system2 Invoke a System Command
weekdays Extract Parts of a POSIXt or Date Object
toString Convert an R Object to a Character String
tilde Tilde Operator
which Which indices are TRUE?
tabulate Tabulation for Vectors
tapply Apply a Function Over a Ragged Array
traceback Print Call Stacks
trace Interactive Tracing and Debugging of Calls to a Function or Method
typeof The Type of an Object
Rhome Return the R Home Directory
unique Extract Unique Elements
rowsum Give Column Sums of a Matrix or Data Frame, Based on a Grouping Variable
rle Run Length Encoding
save Save R Objects
shQuote Quote Strings for Use in OS Shells
sign Sign Function
stopifnot Ensure the Truth of R Expressions
stop Stop Function Execution
strtrim Trim Character Strings to Specified Display Widths
structure Attribute Specification
Sys.setFileTime Set File Time
t Matrix Transpose
Sys.sleep Suspend Execution for a Time Interval
table Cross Tabulation and Table Creation
Trig Trigonometric Functions
try Try an Expression Allowing Error Recovery
utf8Conversion Convert to or from UTF-8-encoded Character Vectors
withVisible Return both a value and its visibility
with Evaluate an Expression in a Data Environment
vector Vectors
setTimeLimit Set CPU and/or Elapsed Time Limits
sort Sorting or Ordering Vectors
solve Solve a System of Equations
showConnections Display Connections
sum Sum of Vector Elements
summary Object Summaries
Sys.getpid Get the Process ID of the R Session
taskCallbackManager Create an R-level Task Callback Manager Extract System and User Information
taskCallback Add or Remove a Top-Level Task Callback
transform Transform an Object, for Example a Data Frame
tracemem Trace Copying of Objects
unname Remove names or dimnames
userhooks Functions to Get and Set Hooks for Load, Attach, Detach and Unload
write Write Data to a File
xtfrm Auxiliary Function for Sorting and Ranking
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License Part of R 3.1.3

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