graphics v3.4.0

The R Graphics Package

R functions for base graphics.

Functions in graphics

Name Description
barplot Bar Plots
box Draw a Box around a Plot
curve Draw Function Plots
dotchart Cleveland's Dot Plots
frame Create / Start a New Plot Frame
graphics-defunct Defunct Functions in Package graphics
plot.factor Plotting Factor Variables
plot.formula Formula Notation for Scatterplots
rasterImage Draw One or More Raster Images
abline Add Straight Lines to a Plot
arrows Add Arrows to a Plot
convertXY Convert between Graphics Coordinate Systems
coplot Conditioning Plots
rect Draw One or More Rectangles
spineplot Spine Plots and Spinograms
stars Star (Spider/Radar) Plots and Segment Diagrams
panel.smooth Simple Panel Plot
par Set or Query Graphical Parameters
plot.default The Default Scatterplot Function
axis.POSIXct Date and Date-time Plotting Functions
axis Add an Axis to a Plot
graphics-package The R Graphics Package
grid Add Grid to a Plot Plot Univariate Effects of a Design or Model
polygon Polygon Drawing
polypath Path Drawing
symbols Draw Symbols (Circles, Squares, Stars, Thermometers, Boxplots)
text Add Text to a Plot
matplot Plot Columns of Matrices
mosaicplot Mosaic Plots
plot.raster Plotting Raster Images
plot.table Plot Methods for table Objects
rug Add a Rug to a Plot
screen Creating and Controlling Multiple Screens on a Single Device
xspline Draw an X-spline
Axis Generic Function to Add an Axis to a Plot
boxplot Box Plots
boxplot.matrix Draw a Boxplot for each Column (Row) of a Matrix
clip Set Clipping Region
contour Display Contours
identify Identify Points in a Scatter Plot
image Display a Color Image
lines Add Connected Line Segments to a Plot
locator Graphical Input
plot.window Set up World Coordinates for Graphics Window
plot.xy Basic Internal Plot Function
title Plot Annotation
units Graphical Units
filled.contour Level (Contour) Plots
hist.POSIXt Histogram of a Date or Date-Time Object
hist Histograms
mtext Write Text into the Margins of a Plot
pairs Scatterplot Matrices
plot.histogram Plot Histograms
fourfoldplot Fourfold Plots
assocplot Association Plots
axTicks Compute Axis Tickmark Locations
points Add Points to a Plot
stem Stem-and-Leaf Plots
stripchart 1-D Scatter Plots
bxp Draw Box Plots from Summaries
cdplot Conditional Density Plots
layout Specifying Complex Plot Arrangements
legend Add Legends to Plots
persp Perspective Plots
pie Pie Charts
plot Generic X-Y Plotting Plot Method for Data Frames
segments Add Line Segments to a Plot
smoothScatter Scatterplots with Smoothed Densities Color Representation
strwidth Plotting Dimensions of Character Strings and Math Expressions
sunflowerplot Produce a Sunflower Scatter Plot
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Priority base
License Part of R 3.4.0
NeedsCompilation yes

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