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by Bernd Bischl

Miscellaneous Helper Functions for B. Bischl

Miscellaneous helper functions for and from B. Bischl and some other guys at TU Dortmund, mainly for package development.

Functions in BBmisc

Name Description
capitalizeStrings Capitalize strings in a vector
cFactor Combine multiple factors and return a factor.
asMatrixCols Extracts a named element from a list of lists.
addClasses A wrapper to add to the class attribute.
binPack Simple bin packing.
checkArg Check for a function argument.
%btwn% Check if some values are covered by the range of the values in a second vector.
argsAsNamedList Parses ... arguments to a named list.
asQuoted Converts a string into a quoted expression.
catf Wrapper for cat and sprintf.
convertDataFrameCols Converts columns in a data frame to characters, factors or numerics.
computeMode Compute statistical mode of a vector (value that occurs most frequently).
clipString Shortens strings to a given length.
collapsef Collapse vector to string.
collapse Collapse vector to string.
chunk Chunk elements of vectors into blocks of nearly equal size.
checkListElementClass Check that a list contains only elements of a required type.
convertIntegers Conversion for integer vector.
convertInteger Conversion for single integer.
coalesce Returns first non-missing, non-null argument.
do.call2 Execute a function call similar to
convertListOfRowsToDataFrame Convert a list of row-vectors of equal structure to a data.frame.
convertToShortString Converts any R object to a descriptive string so it can be used in messages.
ensureVector Blow up single scalars / objects to vectors / list by replication.
explode Split up a string into substrings.
deprecated Deprecated function. Do not use!
convertRowsToList Convert rows (columns) of data.frame or matrix to lists.
filterNull Filter a list for NULL values
extractSubList Extracts a named element from a list of lists.
getRelativePath Construct a path relative to another
getAttributeNames Helper function for determining the vector of attribute names of a given object.
getMaxIndexOfRows Find row- or columnwise the index of the maximal / minimal element in a matrix.
getClass1 Wrapper for class(x)[1].
getMaxIndex Return index of maximal/minimal element in numerical vector.
getUnixTime Current time in seconds.
hasAttributes Check if given object has certain attributes.
getUsedFactorLevels Determines used factor levels.
getOperatingSystem Functions to determine the operating system.
getFirst Get the first/last element of a list/vector.
isExpensiveExampleOk Conditional checking for expensive examples.
isFALSE A wrapper for identical(x, FALSE).
isProperlyNamed Are all elements of a list / vector uniquely named?
is.error Is return value of try an exception?
insert Insert elements from one list/vector into another list/vector.
load2 Load RData file and return objects in it.
isEmptyDirectory Is one / are several directories empty?
isScalarNA Checks whether an object is a scalar NA value.
isDirectory Is one / are several files a directory?
normalize Normalizes numeric data to a given scale.
optimizeSubInts Naive multi-start version of optimize for global optimization.
dropNamed Drop named elements of an object.
makeS3Obj Simple constructor for S3 objects based on lists.
makeProgressBar Create a progress bar with estimated time.
convertMatrixType Converts storage type of a matrix.
isSubset Check subset relation on two vectors.
dapply Call lapply on an object and return a data.frame.
sortByCol Sort the rows of a data.frame according to one or more columns.
requirePackages Require some packages.
toRangeStr Convert a numerical vector into a range string.
splitPath Split a path into components
vlapply Apply a function with a predefined return value
lib A wrapper for library.
setRowNames Wrapper for rownames(x) = y, colnames(x) = y.
pause Pause in interactive mode and continue on .
printStrToChar Print str(x) of an object to a string / character vector.
names2 Replacement for names which always returns a vector.
setValue Set a list element to a new value.
%nin% Simply a negated in operator.
suppressAll Suppresses all output except for errors.
strrepeat Repeat and join a string
lsort A wrapper for sort to sort using the “C” collating rules.
makeFileCache A caching wrapper around load2.
makeDataFrame Initialize data.frame in a convenient way.
namedList Create named list, possibly initialized with a certain element.
setAttribute A wrapper for attr(x, which) = y.
setClasses A wrapper for class(x) = classes.
printToChar Prints object to a string / character vector.
system3 Wrapper for system2 with better return type and errorhandling.
symdiff Calculates symmetric set difference between two sets.
rangeVal Calculate range statistic.
splitTime Split seconds into handy chunks of time.
warningf Wrapper for warning and sprintf.
stopf Wrapper for stop and sprintf.
isScalarValue Is given argument an atomic vector or factor of length 1?
which.first Find the index of first/last TRUE value in a logical vector.
rowLapply Apply function to rows of a data frame.
isValidName Can some strings be used for column or list element names without problems?
isSuperset Check superset relation on two vectors.
mapValues Replace values in atomic vectors
makeSimpleFileLogger Simple logger which outputs to a file.
save2 Save multiple objects to a file.
seq_row Generate sequences along rows or cols.
messagef Wrapper for message and sprintf.
itostr Convert Integers to Strings
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License BSD_3_clause + file LICENSE
Encoding UTF-8
LazyData yes
ByteCompile yes
RoxygenNote 5.0.1
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2016-07-11 21:52:13 UTC; bischl
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-07-12 07:49:34

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