grid v3.4.1

The Grid Graphics Package

A rewrite of the graphics layout capabilities, plus some support for interaction.

Functions in grid

Name Description
arrow Describe arrows to add to a line.
calcStringMetric Calculate Metric Information for Text
editDetails Customising grid Editing
explode Explode a path into its components.
Querying the Viewport Tree Get the Current Grid Viewport (Tree)
dataViewport Create a Viewport with Scales based on Data
depth Determine the number of levels in an object.
drawDetails Customising grid Drawing
Grid Grid Graphics
absolute.size Absolute Size of a Grob
grid-package The Grid Graphics Package
grid.DLapply Modify the Grid Display List
getNames List the names of grobs on the display list
gpar Handling Grid Graphical Parameters
grid.delay Encapsulate calculations and generating a grob
grid.copy Make a Copy of a Grid Graphical Object
grid.curve Draw a Curve Between Locations
grid.grab Grab the current grid output
grid.grep Search for grobs
grid.function Draw a curve representing a function
grid.get Get a Grid Graphical Object
grid.null Null Graphical Object
grid.add Add a Grid Graphical Object
grid.bezier Draw a Bezier Curve
grid.clip Set the Clipping Region
grid.convert Convert Between Different grid Coordinate Systems
grid.display.list Control the Grid Display List
grid-defunct Defunct Functions in Package grid
grid-internal Internal Grid Functions
grid.draw Draw a grid grob
grid.edit Edit the Description of a Grid Graphical Object
gEdit Create and Apply Edit Objects
gPath Concatenate Grob Names
grid.cap Capture a raster image Draw a Circle
grid.force Force a grob into its components
grid.grill Draw a Grill
grid.grob Create Grid Graphical Objects, aka "Grob"s
grid.locator Capture a Mouse Click
grid.plot.and.legend A Simple Plot and Legend Demo
grid.points Draw Data Symbols
grid.remove Remove a Grid Graphical Object
grid.reorder Reorder the children of a gTree
grid.pack Pack an Object within a Frame
grid.raster Render a raster object
grid.record Encapsulate calculations and drawing List the names of grobs or viewports
grid.rect Draw rectangles
grid.refresh Refresh the current grid scene
grid.xaxis Draw an X-Axis
grid.yaxis Draw a Y-Axis
grobName Generate a Name for a Grob
legendGrob Constructing a Legend Grob
makeContent Customised grid Grobs
valid.just Validate a Justification
validDetails Customising grid grob Validation
grid.frame Create a Frame for Packing Objects
grid.path Draw a Path Place an Object within a Frame
grid.polygon Draw a Polygon
grid.xspline Draw an Xspline
unit.c Combine Unit Objects
unit.length Length of a Unit Object
Grid Viewports Create a Grid Viewport
Working with Viewports Maintaining and Navigating the Grid Viewport Tree Draw a Diagram of a Grid Viewport
grid.text Draw Text
stringWidth Create a Unit Describing the Width and Height of a String or Math Expression
unit Function to Create a Unit Object
xDetails Boundary of a grid grob
grid.layout Create a Grid Layout
grid.lines Draw Lines in a Grid Viewport Move or Draw to a Specified Position
grid.pretty Generate a Sensible Set of Breakpoints
grobWidth Create a Unit Describing the Width of a Grob
grobX Create a Unit Describing a Grob Boundary Location
xsplinePoints Return the points that would be used to draw an Xspline (or a Bezier curve).
plotViewport Create a Viewport with a Standard Plot Layout
resolveRasterSize Utility function to resolve the size of a raster grob
unit.pmin Parallel Unit Minima and Maxima
unit.rep Replicate Elements of Unit Objects
grid.newpage Move to a New Page on a Grid Device
roundrect Draw a rectangle with rounded corners
grid.segments Draw Line Segments
grid.set Set a Grid Graphical Object Draw a Diagram of a Grid Layout
showGrob Label grid grobs.
showViewport Display grid viewports.
vpPath Concatenate Viewport Names
widthDetails Width and Height of a grid grob
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Priority base
License Part of R 3.4.1
NeedsCompilation yes
imports grDevices , utils
suggests lattice
Contributors Paul Murrell

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