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Vector Generalized Linear and Additive Models

An implementation of about 6 major classes of statistical regression models. The central algorithm is Fisher scoring and iterative reweighted least squares. At the heart of this package are the vector generalized linear and additive model (VGLM/VGAM) classes. VGLMs can be loosely thought of as multivariate GLMs. VGAMs are data-driven VGLMs that use smoothing. The book "Vector Generalized Linear and Additive Models: With an Implementation in R" (Yee, 2015) <DOI:10.1007/978-1-4939-2818-7> gives details of the statistical framework and the package. Currently only fixed-effects models are implemented. Many (150+) models and distributions are estimated by maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) or penalized MLE. The other classes are RR-VGLMs (reduced-rank VGLMs), quadratic RR-VGLMs, reduced-rank VGAMs, RCIMs (row-column interaction models)---these classes perform constrained and unconstrained quadratic ordination (CQO/UQO) models in ecology, as well as constrained additive ordination (CAO). Note that these functions are subject to change; see the NEWS and ChangeLog files for latest changes.

Functions in VGAM

Name Description
Links Link functions for VGLM/VGAM/etc. families
Rcim Mark the Baseline of Row and Column on a Matrix data
AB.Ab.aB.ab The AB-Ab-aB-ab Blood Group System
ABO The ABO Blood Group System
Huggins89.t1 Table 1 of Huggins (1989)
Inv.gaussian The Inverse Gaussian Distribution
alaplace Asymmetric Laplace Distribution Family Functions
alaplaceUC The Laplace Distribution
auuc Auckland University Undergraduate Counts Data
anova.vglm Analysis of Deviance for Vector Generalized Linear Model Fits
A1A2A3 The A1A2A3 Blood Group System
AA.Aa.aa The AA-Aa-aa Blood Group System
AR1EIM Computation of the Exact EIM of an Order-1 Autoregressive Process
Coef.rrvglm-class Class ``Coef.rrvglm''
Coef.rrvglm Returns Important Matrices etc. of a RR-VGLM Object
SURff Seemingly Unrelated Regressions Family Function
Benford Benford's Distribution
Select Select Variables for a Formula Response or the RHS of a Formula
AICvlm Akaike's Information Criterion
AR1 Autoregressive Process with Order-1 Family Function
benini1 Benini Distribution Family Function
Biclaytoncop Clayton Copula (Bivariate) Distribution
Coef.vlm Extract Model Coefficients for VLM Objects
CommonVGAMffArguments Common VGAM Family Function Arguments
VGAM-package Vector Generalized Linear and Additive Models and Associated Models
dAR1 The AR-1 Autoregressive Process
acat Ordinal Regression with Adjacent Categories Probabilities
bifgmcop Farlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern's Bivariate Distribution Family Function
amlnormal Asymmetric Least Squares Quantile Regression
binom2.rho Bivariate Probit Model (Family Function)
Pareto The Pareto Distribution
Max Maximums
Opt Optimums
Qvar Quasi-variances Preprocessing Function
Binom2.rho Bivariate Probit Model
Binormcop Gaussian Copula (Bivariate) Distribution
amlpoisson Poisson Regression by Asymmetric Maximum Likelihood Estimation
biplackettcop Plackett's Bivariate Copula Family Function
calibrate.qrrvglm Calibration for CQO and CAO models
calibrate.qrrvglm.control Control Function for CQO/CAO Calibration
betabinomial Beta-binomial Distribution Family Function
cens.normal Censored Normal Distribution
betabinomialff Beta-binomial Distribution Family Function
cens.poisson Censored Poisson Family Function
betaprime The Beta-Prime Distribution
coefvgam Extract Model Coefficients of a vgam() Object
biamhcop Ali-Mikhail-Haq Distribution Family Function
coefvlm Extract Model Coefficients
crashes Crashes on New Zealand Roads in 2009
UtilitiesVGAM Utility Functions for the VGAM Package
V1 V1 Flying-Bombs Hits in London
bistudentt Bivariate Student-t Family Function
betaff The Two-parameter Beta Distribution Family Function
cratio Ordinal Regression with Continuation Ratios
Betageom The Beta-Geometric Distribution
Bistudentt Bivariate Student-t Distribution Cumulative Distribution Function
Diffzeta Differenced Zeta Distribution
dirichlet Fitting a Dirichlet Distribution
Bifgmcop Farlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern's Bivariate Distribution
TIC Takeuchi's Information Criterion
bifgmexp Bivariate Farlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern Exponential Distribution Family Function
BICvlm Bayesian Information Criterion
cfibrosis Cystic Fibrosis Data
bilogistic Bivariate Logistic Distribution Family Function
bilogis Bivariate Logistic Distribution
Coef Computes Model Coefficients and Quantities
bisa Birnbaum-Saunders Distribution Family Function
Coef.qrrvglm-class Class ``Coef.qrrvglm''
cgo Redirects the user to cqo
Coef.qrrvglm Returns Important Matrices etc. of a QO Object
confintvglm Confidence Intervals for Parameters of VGLMs
Bisa The Birnbaum-Saunders Distribution Body Mass Index of New Zealand Adults Data
erf Error Function, and variants
constraints Constraint Matrices
Tol Tolerances
borel.tanner Borel-Tanner Distribution Family Function
cao Fitting Constrained Additive Ordination (CAO)
cao.control Control Function for RR-VGAMs (CAO)
erlang Erlang Distribution
cumulative Ordinal Regression with Cumulative Probabilities
Bell The Bell Distribution
bellff Bell Distribution Family Function
dagum Dagum Distribution Family Function
familyname Family Function Name
betageometric Beta-geometric Distribution Family Function Chest Pain in NZ Adults Data
Expectiles-Normal Expectiles of the Normal Distribution Chinese Population in New Zealand 1867--2001 Data
Betanorm The Beta-Normal Distribution
bigamma.mckay Bivariate Gamma: McKay's Distribution
concoef-methods Constrained (Canonical) Coefficients
concoef Extract Model Constrained/Canonical Coefficients
SurvS4-class Class "SurvS4"
SurvS4 Create a Survival Object
Dagum The Dagum Distribution
bigumbelIexp Gumbel's Type I Bivariate Distribution Family Function
deermice Captures of Peromyscus maniculatus (Also Known as Deer Mice).
Expectiles-Uniform Expectiles of the Uniform Distribution
felix Felix Distribution Family Function
expexpff Exponentiated Exponential Distribution
Biplackett Plackett's Bivariate Copula
flourbeetle Mortality of Flour Beetles from Carbon Disulphide
enzyme Enzyme Data
exppoisson Exponential Poisson Distribution Family Function
amlbinomial Binomial Logistic Regression by Asymmetric Maximum Likelihood Estimation
formulavlm Model Formulae and Term Names for VGLMs
Foldnorm The Folded-Normal Distribution
biplot-methods Biplot of Constrained Regression Models
frechet Frechet Distribution Family Function
calibrate-methods Calibration for Constrained Regression Models
Frechet The Frechet Distribution
freund61 Freund's (1961) Bivariate Extension of the Exponential Distribution
calibrate Model Calibrations
exppois The Exponential Poisson Distribution
Genapois Generally-Altered Poisson Distribution
cauchitlink Cauchit Link Function
amlexponential Exponential Regression by Asymmetric Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Fisk The Fisk Distribution
genpoisson Generalized Poisson distribution
genrayleigh Generalized Rayleigh Distribution Family Function
cauchy Cauchy Distribution Family Function
genapoisson Generally-Altered Poisson Distribution Family Function
aux.posbernoulli.t Auxiliary Function for the Positive Bernoulli Family Function with Time Effects
backPain Data on Back Pain Prognosis, from Anderson (1984)
gentbinomial Generally-Truncated Binomial Distribution Family Function
fittedvlm Fitted Values of a VLM object
Genibinom Generally-Inflated Binomial Distribution
gamma1 1-parameter Gamma Distribution
cdf.lmscreg Cumulative Distribution Function for LMS Quantile Regression
betaR The Two-parameter Beta Distribution Family Function
beggs Bacon and Eggs Data
Gentpois Generally-Truncated Poisson Distribution
hatvalues Hat Values and Regression Deletion Diagnostics
hdeff Hauck-Donner Effects: A Detection Test for Wald Tests
hyperg Hypergeometric Family Function
bell The Bell Series of Integers
gamma2 2-parameter Gamma Distribution
cens.gumbel Censored Gumbel Distribution
clogloglink Complementary Log-log Link Function
Betabinom The Beta-Binomial Distribution
Genipois Generally-Inflated Poisson Distribution
binom2.or Bivariate Binary Regression with an Odds Ratio (Family Function)
hypersecant Hyperbolic Secant Distribution Family Function Retrieve One Component of ``.smart.prediction''
is.buggy Does the Fitted Object Suffer from a Known Bug? Retrieves ``.smart.prediction''
gengamma.stacy Generalized Gamma distribution family function
Gompertz The Gompertz Distribution
Benini The Benini Distribution
betaII Beta Distribution of the Second Kind
gordlink Gamma-Ordinal Link Function
Binom2.or Bivariate Binary Regression with an Odds Ratio
Biamhcop Ali-Mikhail-Haq Bivariate Distribution
biclaytoncop Clayton Copula (Bivariate) Family Function
is.parallel Parallelism Constraint Matrices
gengammaUC The Generalized Gamma Distribution
bifrankcop Frank's Bivariate Distribution Family Function
Hzeta Haight's Zeta Distribution
hzeta Haight's Zeta Family Function
binomialff Binomial Family Function
lambertW The Lambert W Function
Frank Frank's Bivariate Distribution
laplace Laplace Distribution
gev Generalized Extreme Value Distribution Family Function
gevUC The Generalized Extreme Value Distribution
coalminers Breathlessness and Wheeze Amongst Coalminers Data
Binorm Bivariate Normal Distribution Cumulative Distribution Function
binormal Bivariate Normal Distribution Family Function Test For a Smart Object
Bort The Borel-Tanner Distribution Zero Constraint Matrices
binormalcop Gaussian Copula (Bivariate) Family Function
double.cens.normal Univariate Normal Distribution with Double Censoring
leipnik Leipnik Distribution Family Function
Lindley The Lindley Distribution
lindley 1-parameter Gamma Distribution
log1mexp Logarithms with an Unit Offset and Exponential Term
Brat Inputting Data to fit a Bradley Terry Model
double.expbinomial Double Exponential Binomial Distribution Family Function
bratt Bradley Terry Model With Ties
expint The Exponential Integral and Variants
expgeom The Exponential Geometric Distribution Grain Prices Data in USA
lerch Lerch Phi Function
grc Row-Column Interaction Models including Goodman's RC Association Model and Unconstrained Quadratic Ordination
linkfun Link Functions
brat Bradley Terry Model
logF Natural Exponential Family Generalized Hyperbolic Secant Distribution Family Function
Felix The Felix Distribution
linkfun.vglm Link Functions for VGLMs
fff F Distribution Family Function
genipoisson Generally-Inflated Poisson Distribution Family Function
calibrate.rrvglm Calibration for CLO models (RR-VGLMs)
calibrate.rrvglm.control Control Function for CLO (RR-VGLM) Calibration
chisq Chi-squared Distribution
dlogF log F Distribution
Card Cardioid Distribution
loglinb2 Loglinear Model for Two Binary Responses
loglinb3 Loglinear Model for Three Binary Responses
dgenpois The Generalized Poisson Distribution
logLik.vlm Extract Log-likelihood for VGLMs/VGAMs/etc.
clo Redirects the User to rrvglm()
guplot Gumbel Plot
has.interceptvlm Has a Fitted VGLM Got an Intercept Term?
corbet Corbet's Butterfly Data
cqo Fitting Constrained Quadratic Ordination (CQO)
deplot.lmscreg Density Plot for LMS Quantile Regression
genray The Generalized Rayleigh Distribution
cardioid Cardioid Distribution Family Function
Gentbinom Generally-Truncated-Binomial Distribution
lognormal Lognormal Distribution
df.residual Residual Degrees-of-Freedom
diffzeta Differenced Zeta Distribution Family Function
logofflink Log Link Function with an Offset
ducklings Relative Frequencies of Serum Proteins in White Pekin Ducklings
Expectiles-Exponential Expectiles of the Exponential Distribution
lvplot.qrrvglm Latent Variable Plot for QO models
lvplot.rrvglm Latent Variable Plot for RR-VGLMs
depvar Response Variable Extracted
explink Exponential Link Function
dirmul.old Fitting a Dirichlet-Multinomial Distribution
Maxwell The Maxwell Distribution New Zealand Marital Data
dirmultinomial Fitting a Dirichlet-Multinomial Distribution
gumbel Gumbel Distribution Family Function
explog The Exponential Logarithmic Distribution
expexpff1 Exponentiated Exponential Distribution
mccullagh89 McCullagh (1989) Distribution Family Function
expgeometric Exponential Geometric Distribution Family Function
mix2exp Mixture of Two Exponential Distributions
inv.binomial Inverse Binomial Distribution Family Function
inv.gaussianff Inverse Gaussian Distribution Family Function
fill Creates a Matrix of Appropriate Dimension
explogff Exponential Logarithmic Distribution Family Function
mix2normal Mixture of Two Univariate Normal Distributions
maxwell Maxwell Distribution Family Function
finney44 Toxicity trial for insects
fisherzlink Fisher's Z Link Function
laplaceUC The Laplace Distribution
moffset Matrix Offset
nbordlink Negative Binomial-Ordinal Link Function
multilogitlink Multi-logit Link Function
exponential Exponential Distribution
foldnormal Folded Normal Distribution Family Function
latvar Latent Variables
negbinomial Negative Binomial Distribution Family Function
fisk Fisk Distribution family function
oizipf One-inflated Zipf Distribution Family Function
gammaR 2-parameter Gamma Distribution
gumbelII Gumbel-II Distribution Family Function
notdocumentedyet Undocumented and Internally Used Functions and Classes
gammahyperbola Gamma Hyperbola Bivariate Distribution
nparam.vlm Number of Parameters
foldsqrtlink Folded Square Root Link Function
hdeffsev Hauck-Donner Effects: Severity Measures
Oizipf One-Inflated Zipf Distribution
gpd Generalized Pareto Distribution Family Function
paretoIV Pareto(IV/III/II) Distribution Family Functions
oilog One-inflated Logarithmic Distribution Family Function
garma GARMA (Generalized Autoregressive Moving-Average) Models
lino Generalized Beta Distribution Family Function
Lino The Generalized Beta Distribution (Libby and Novick, 1982)
Oilog One-Inflated Logarithmic Distribution
otpospoisson One-truncated Poisson Distribution
gpdUC The Generalized Pareto Distribution
loglapUC The Log-Laplace Distribution
loglaplace Log-Laplace and Logit-Laplace Distribution Family Functions
hspider Hunting Spider Data
hormone Hormone Assay Data
otzeta One-truncated Zeta Distribution Family Function
pgamma.deriv Derivatives of the Incomplete Gamma Integral
ParetoIV The Pareto(IV/III/II) Distributions
Genabinom Generally-Altered Binomial Distribution
inv.paralogistic Inverse Paralogistic Distribution Family Function
Inv.paralogistic The Inverse Paralogistic Distribution
lomax Lomax Distribution Family Function
huber2 Huber's Least Favourable Distribution Family Function
pgamma.deriv.unscaled Derivatives of the Incomplete Gamma Integral (Unscaled Version)
leukemia Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Survival Data
iam Index from Array to Matrix
identitylink Identity Link Function
Lomax The Lomax Distribution
plotvgam Default VGAM Plotting
plotvgam.control Control Function for plotvgam()
melbmaxtemp Melbourne Daily Maximum Temperatures
meplot Mean Excess Plot
genbetaII Generalized Beta Distribution of the Second Kind
inv.lomax Inverse Lomax Distribution Family Function
GenbetaII The Generalized Beta II Distribution
gentpoisson Generally-Truncated Poisson Distribution Family Function
levy Levy Distribution Family Function
Nakagami Nakagami Distribution
nbcanlink Negative Binomial Canonical Link Function
geometric Geometric (Truncated and Untruncated) Distributions
gew General Electric and Westinghouse Data
Oiposbinom One-Inflated Positive Binomial Distribution
oiposbinomial One-Inflated Positive Binomial Distribution Family Function
olympics 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympic Final Medal Count Data
gompertz Gompertz Distribution Family Function
Inv.lomax The Inverse Lomax Distribution
lirat Low-iron Rat Teratology Data
logff Logarithmic Distribution
plotvglm Plots for VGLMs
Gumbel-II The Gumbel-II Distribution
gumbelUC The Gumbel Distribution
ordpoisson Ordinal Poisson Family Function
paralogistic Paralogistic Distribution Family Function
Paralogistic The Paralogistic Distribution
dhuber Huber's Least Favourable Distribution
posbernoulli.b Positive Bernoulli Family Function with Behavioural Effects LMS Quantile Regression with a Box-Cox transformation to a Gamma Distribution
kendall.tau Kendall's Tau Statistic
hunua Hunua Ranges Data
logistic Logistic Distribution Family Function
pneumo Pneumoconiosis in Coalminers Data
plotdeplot.lmscreg Density Plot for LMS Quantile Regression
kumar Kumaraswamy Distribution Family Function
posbernoulli.t Positive Bernoulli Family Function with Time Effects
loglink Log Link Function, and Variants
Log Logarithmic Distribution
plotqrrvglm Model Diagnostic Plots for QRR-VGLMs
Kumar The Kumaraswamy Distribution
lakeO Annual catches on Lake Otamangakau from October 1974 to October 1989
logclink Complementary-log Link Function
lgammaUC The Log-Gamma Distribution
logloglink Log-log and Log-log-log Link Functions
lqnorm Minimizing the L-q norm Family Function
prentice74 Prentice (1974) Log-gamma Distribution
prinia Yellow-bellied Prinia
lrtest Likelihood Ratio Test of Nested Models
lgamma1 Log-gamma Distribution Family Function LMS Quantile Regression with a Box-Cox Transformation to Normality
lms.yjn LMS Quantile Regression with a Yeo-Johnson Transformation to Normality
lrt.stat Likelihood Ratio Test Statistics Evaluated at the Null Values
logitlink Logit Link Function
posbernoulli.tb Positive Bernoulli Family Function with Time and Behavioural Effects
qtplot.gumbel Quantile Plot for Gumbel Regression
lvplot Latent Variable Plot
mix2poisson Mixture of Two Poisson Distributions
model.framevlm Construct the Model Frame of a VLM Object
logitoffsetlink Logit-with-an-Offset Link Function
Makeham The Makeham Distribution
Oapospois One-Altered Logarithmic Distribution
machinists Machinists Accidents
margeff Marginal Effects for Several Categorical Response Models
model.matrixqrrvglm Construct the Model Matrix of a QRR-VGLM Object
ucberk University California Berkeley Graduate Admissions
Posbinom Positive-Binomial Distribution
makeham Makeham Distribution Family Function
micmen Michaelis-Menten Model
qtplot.lmscreg Quantile Plot for LMS Quantile Regression
rrar Nested Reduced-rank Autoregressive Models for Multiple Time Series
mills.ratio Mills Ratio
yulesimon Yule-Simon Family Function
probitlink Probit Link Function
profilevglm Method for Profiling vglm Objects
oapospoisson One-Altered Positive-Poisson Distribution
Otlog One-truncated Logarithmic Distribution
rrvglm-class Class ``rrvglm''
vglm-class Class ``vglm''
rrvglm.optim.control Control Function for rrvglm() Calling optim()
model.matrixvlm Construct the Design Matrix of a VLM Object
oalog One-Altered Logarithmic Distribution
ruge Rutherford-Geiger Polonium Data
sinmad Singh-Maddala Distribution Family Function
multinomial Multinomial Logit Model
nakagami Nakagami Distribution Family Function
negbinomial.size Negative Binomial Distribution Family Function With Known Size
rdiric The Dirichlet distribution
Otpospois One-truncated Positive-Poisson Distribution
rec.exp1 Upper Record Values from a 1-parameter Exponential Distribution
Otzeta One-truncated Zeta Distribution
normal.vcm Univariate Normal Distribution as a Varying-Coefficient Model
oxtemp Oxford Temperature Data
Perks The Perks Distribution
perspqrrvglm Perspective plot for QRR-VGLMs
Rice The Rice Distribution
poissonff Poisson Family Function
oazeta One-Altered Zeta Distribution
Polono The Poisson Lognormal Distribution
riceff Rice Distribution Family Function
Sinmad The Singh-Maddala Distribution
Oazeta One-Altered Logarithmic Distribution
ordsup Ordinal Superiority Measures
otlog One-truncated Logarithmic Distribution
paretoff Pareto and Truncated Pareto Distribution Family Functions
Oalog One-Altered Logarithmic Distribution
smart.expression S Expression for Smart Functions
poisson.points Poisson-points-on-a-plane/volume Distances Distribution
s Defining Smooths in VGAM Formulas
vplot.profile Plotting Functions for 'profile' Objects
PoissonPoints Poisson Points Distribution
Posnorm The Positive-Normal Distribution Determine What Mode the Smart Prediction is In
Oipospois One-Inflated Positive Poisson Distribution
summaryvgam Summarizing Vector Generalized Additive Model Fits
Posnegbin Positive-Negative Binomial Distribution
posnormal Positive Normal Distribution Family Function
posnegbinomial Positive Negative Binomial Distribution Family Function
residualsvglm Residuals for a VGLM fit
perks Perks Distribution Family Function
oipospoisson One-inflated Positive Poisson Distribution Family Function
sc.studentt2 Scaled Student t Distribution with 2 df Family Function
rhobitlink Rhobit Link Function
skewnorm Skew-Normal Distribution
skewnormal Univariate Skew-Normal Distribution Family Function
powerlink Power Link Function
Rayleigh The Rayleigh Distribution
prats Pregnant Rats Toxological Experiment Data
slash Slash Distribution Family Function
oizeta One-inflated Zeta Distribution Family Function
posbinomial Positive Binomial Distribution Family Function
summaryvglm Summarizing Vector Generalized Linear Model Fits
Slash Slash Distribution
truncweibull Truncated Weibull Distribution Family Function
Oizeta One-Inflated Zeta Distribution Smart Prediction Setup
Posgeom Positive-Geometric Distribution
simplex Simplex Distribution Family Function
rcqo Constrained Quadratic Ordination
plotqtplot.lmscreg Quantile Plot for LMS Quantile Regression
Expectiles-sc.t2 Expectiles/Quantiles of the Scaled Student t Distribution with 2 Df
score.stat Rao's Score Test Statistics Evaluated at the Null Values
Skellam The Skellam Distribution
skellam Skellam Distribution Family Function
rigff Reciprocal Inverse Gaussian distribution
rlplot.gevff Return Level Plot for GEV Fits
smartpred Smart Prediction
propodds Proportional Odds Model for Ordinal Regression
Yules Yule-Simon Distribution
prplot Probability Plots for Categorical Data Analysis
sm.os Defining O'Sullivan Spline Smooths in VGAM Formulas
tobit Tobit Model
sratio Ordinal Regression with Stopping Ratios
plotrcim0 Main Effects Plot for a Row-Column Interaction Model (RCIM)
vglm Fitting Vector Generalized Linear Models Defining Penalized Spline Smooths in VGAM Formulas Adds a List to the End of the List ``.smart.prediction''
topple Topp-Leone Distribution Family Function
undocumented-methods Undocumented Methods Functions
vgam.control Control Function for vgam()
vglm.control Control Function for vglm()
Topple The Topp-Leone Distribution
Zageom Zero-Altered Geometric Distribution
trplot.qrrvglm Trajectory plot for QRR-VGLMs
zageometric Zero-Altered Geometric Distribution
Tobit The Tobit Distribution
qrrvglm.control Control Function for QRR-VGLMs (CQO)
Truncpareto The Truncated Pareto Distribution
weibullR Weibull Distribution Family Function
Zipois Zero-Inflated Poisson Distribution
vsmooth.spline Vector Cubic Smoothing Spline
vgam-class Class ``vgam''
Zeta The Zeta Distribution
Zipf The Zipf Distribution
weightsvglm Prior and Working Weights of a VGLM fit
uninormal Univariate Normal Distribution
rec.normal Upper Record Values from a Univariate Normal Distribution
reciprocallink Reciprocal Link Function
zero The zero Argument in VGAM Family Functions
seglines Hauck-Donner Effects: Segmented Lines Plot
zetaff Zeta Distribution Family Function
yeo.johnson Yeo-Johnson Transformation
pordlink Poisson-Ordinal Link Function
zeta Riemann's Zeta Function
yip88 Zero-Inflated Poisson Distribution (Yip (1988) algorithm)
Zinegbin Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Distribution
zinegbinomial Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Distribution Family Function
seq2binomial The Two-stage Sequential Binomial Distribution Family Function
posbernUC Positive Bernoulli Sequence Model
Pospois Positive-Poisson Distribution
Simplex Simplex Distribution
pospoisson Positive Poisson Distribution Family Function
predictqrrvglm Predict Method for a CQO fit
predictvglm Predict Method for a VGLM fit
qvar Quasi-variances Extraction Function
vgam Fitting Vector Generalized Additive Models
simulate.vlm Simulate Responses for VGLMs and VGAMs
rayleigh Rayleigh Distribution Family Function
studentt Student t Distribution
rrvglm Fitting Reduced-Rank Vector Generalized Linear Models (RR-VGLMs)
toxop Toxoplasmosis Data
rrvglm.control Control Function for rrvglm()
summarypvgam Summarizing Penalized Vector Generalized Additive Model Fits
waitakere Waitakere Ranges Data
tikuv Short-tailed Symmetric Distribution Family Function
triangle Triangle Distribution Family Function
Triangle The Triangle Distribution
trinormal Trivariate Normal Distribution Family Function
wald.stat Wald Test Statistics Evaluated at the Null Values
Tikuv A Short-tailed Symmetric Distribution
Trinorm Trivariate Normal Distribution Density and Random Variates
trplot Trajectory Plot
vglmff-class Class ``vglmff''
vcovvlm Calculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted VLM or RR-VGLM or QRR-VGLM Object
zapoisson Zero-Altered Poisson Distribution
vonmises von Mises Distribution Family Function
venice Venice Maximum Sea Levels Data
Zapois Zero-Altered Poisson Distribution
wine Bitterness in Wine Data Cleans Up After Smart Prediction
Zabinom Zero-Altered Binomial Distribution
waldff Wald Distribution Family Function
Zoabeta The Zero/One-Inflated Beta Distribution
zabinomial Zero-Altered Binomial Distribution
Zibinom Zero-Inflated Binomial Distribution
weibull.mean Weibull Distribution Family Function, Parameterized by the Mean
zibinomial Zero-Inflated Binomial Distribution Family Function
Zanegbin Zero-Altered Negative Binomial Distribution
zipebcom Exchangeable Bivariate cloglog Odds-ratio Model From a Zero-inflated Poisson Distribution
zanegbinomial Zero-Altered Negative Binomial Distribution
Zigeom Zero-Inflated Geometric Distribution
zipf Zipf Distribution Family Function
zigeometric Zero-Inflated Geometric Distribution Family Function
zipoisson Zero-Inflated Poisson Distribution Family Function
zoabetaR Zero- and One-Inflated Beta Distribution Family Function
R2latvar R-squared for Latent Variable Models
MNSs The MNSs Blood Group System
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